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ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom

All eyes on Deodoro

John Gregory
7 August 2016

Good morning and welcome to the hot and sunny Deodoro Whitewater Stadium. Today starts 5 days of the most spectacular, exhilarating, tense and thrilling canoe slalom competition. C1M heats now start today at 13.30pm (GMT/UTC - 03:00 hour)

Good luck to all of the paddlers and teams. Congratulations to the huge team behind the scenes for what they have achieved in bringing this amazing competition in Brazil to fruition. 

For a preview of today’s C1M & K1M heats see yesterday’s post.

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ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom Balint Vekassy @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom

Rio Olympic canoe slalom day 1 preview

John Gregory
6 August 2016

The canoe slalom paddlers are back in Deodoro after the beautifully choreographed opening ceremony. Here is a preview of what to expect tomorrow for the first day of canoe slalom starting at the fabulous world class Deodoro whitewater centre.

Athletes have spent much time familiarizing themselves with this stunning venue since the Olympic test event last November. It is now ready to host canoe slalom at the Olympics for the 8th time. We are guaranteed new Olympic Champions in each class. 

“Once again just getting to the Games is a story in itself in many...Read more

ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom Balint Vekassy @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom K1M K1W

Olympic canoe slalom - kayak classes

John Gregory
29 July 2016

I will spend today and tomorrow looking at the different classes. There are four medal events at the Olympics; two kayak classes and two canoe classes. Here we look at the equipment, pros and cons and some top paddlers past and present.


K1M - Kayak Men’s Single

K1M is pronounced kay-one-men signifying a male athlete paddling a single one seater closed cockpit kayak.

The kayak paddler is sitting in a seat with the legs stretched out in front of them against moulded knee braces, foam padding and footrests. The footrests are...Read more