A container full of canoes and kayaks is on its way to Nigeria as part of the International Canoe Federation’s global development program in partnership with the Confederation of African Canoeing (CAC).

A total of 17 boats, made up of six K2 and six C2 boats, two C1’s, a K1 and two specially adapted surfskis for paracanoe athletes, will arrive in Lagos next month in time for the eagerly anticipated Admiral Cup in May.

The project is a joint collaboration between the ICF, the Nigerian Canoe Federation and the CAC. Nigeria is seen as one of the fastest growing regions for canoe sports on the African continent.

The Nigerian Federation has also purchased 100 paddles to provide to athletes. The Admiral Cup is set to be one of the biggest canoe sprint events on the African calendar this year.

“The delivery of these canoes and kayaks to Nigeria is a great moment in the development of our sport in Africa,” ICF vice-president Cecilia Farias said.

“African countries are really moving ahead, and these boats will provide great opportunities for further expansion. We are looking forward to working with the Nigerian Federation and the African Confederation as this continent becomes a global force in our sport.”

Ola Oloude, the secretary general of the Nigerian Canoe Federation, said the 17 boats will form an important part of the Admiral Cup, and set her country up to play a strong role in the growth of canoe sports in Africa.

“We have a very passionate and committed canoeing community in Nigeria, and have already had lots of athletes competing in top level international competitions,” Oloude said.

“We had our first canoe sprint Olympic athlete in Tokyo, and our first Olympic canoe slalom athlete in London in 2012. I am sure with these new boats and the opportunity to host more top level competitions we will see great improvement.

“This is a great development not just for Nigeria, but the African continent. And of course, a stronger African program also means our sport is more powerful globally.”

The Admiral Cup will run in Abuja from May 15th to 19th, and will feature 200, 500 and 1000 metre races for canoe and kayak.

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