This week's ICF Canoe Marathon paddler of the month - Japan's Yuki Baba.

1. How old you were when started paddling.

I started paddling when I was 18 years old.

2. What was your first race when you started paddling

All Japan Student Championship is the debut match one month after starting paddling.

3. How did you get into canoe marathon as a sport.

Because I wanted to contribute to my canoe team and I want to be number one in Japan.

4. What do you enjoy most about kayaking as a sport?

The feeling of sliding on the water is wonderful. Practicing with my teammates is a lot of fun.

5. What is the toughest part when travelling and racing abroad.

The Asian Championship is my first overseas. So it's very difficult not to be able to understand the language, but anyway a lot of friends around and always people wanting to help to translate.

6. Which race was your highlight race in your career so far.

It is the canoe marathon championship held in Kyoto, Japan, in May. I came first at these championships. This championship allowed me to participate in the Asian marathon championship.

7. What is your favourite place to paddle in the world.

My favourite place is the sea where I practice every day. This is the place where I learned the charm of canoeing and started canoeing.

8. Who are your sporting heroes, and especially in marathon.

All the Japanese national paddlers. Everyone is nice. Everyone has given me a lot of knowledge when I just started canoeing. The support I get from the team and my coaches now is always great and gives me extra motivation to train. Thanks to their support, I enjoy canoeing every day and was able to participate in the Asian Championships where I placed first in C1 women under 23.

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