Casey Eichfield (USA, C1M) Peter Kauzer (SLO, K1M)  and Claire Jacquet (FRA, C1W) each put down exceptional runs to ensure top spot in their respective final; however the K1M and C1W runs were shortened due to a crack in a section of concrete mid-morning that deemed the lower part of the course unsafe for further action.

The crack appeared towards the end of the C1 Men’s semifinal, which left the organisers with no choice but to shorten the course so competitors could avoid the danger posed by the precariously positioned concrete that could detach and float downstream at any point.  

Following the initial cut, series leader and twice winner on this year’s circuit, Alexander Slafkovsky (SVK) was out. However, with the final section now in question officials provided the next four competitors the benefit of the doubt and extended the C1M final to 15.

The K1M and C1W races were contested over the shortened course providing a different dynamic with exceptionally high paced and powerful paddling required to reach the final.

Without the new re-engineered section at the bottom of the course Kauzer’s detailed knowledge came into play and the 33-year-old delivered with a stunning 68-second run.

Canoe Slalom