With action underway at the premiere 2016 ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup in Duisburg, Germany we’ve taken a look back at the form book and provided you with a series of facts and figures.

Five race winners at the 2012 World Cup event in Duisburg went on to win gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games in the same event:

- Edward McKeever (GBR) in K1M 200m
- Danusia Kozák (HUN) in K1W 500m
- Alexander Dyachenko/Yury Postrigay (RUS) in K2M 200m
- Franziska Weber/Tina Dietze (GER) in K2W 500m
- Sebastian Brendel (GER) in C1M 1000m

Laurence Vincent-Lapointe (CAN) is the only athlete to have won the last five races in Duisburg in a specific event, having won C1W 200m in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (World Championships) and 2015. She hasn’t travelled to Germany this time round, instead Vincent-Lapointe will contest her continental championships.

Since 2000, only Ronald Rauhe and Tim Wieskötter (GER) - six wins in K2M 500m - have won more races in the same event in Duisburg than Vincent-Lapointe in C1W 200m.

In this century Rauhe has won eight races (all events) in Duisburg, one behind the record nine of Katalin Kovács (HUN) and Andreas Dittmer (GER).

Germany's six-race winning streak in K2W 500m in Duisburg ended last year when Maryna Litvinchuk/Marharyta Makhneva (BLR) won.

Last year Maryna Litvinchuk and Marharyta Makhneva won three races in Duisburg (K2W 500m, K4W 200m, K4W 500m), most of all athletes.

Since winning K1W 200m in Duisburg in 2011, Lisa Carrington (NZL) has won 13 of the 14 major races she participated in, with a streak of 11 wins that includes Olympic gold in London.

Carrington's only defeat in this time-span came in Duisburg in 2012, when she finished second behind Natasa Janics (HUN).

Olympic cycle

Sebastian Brendel (GER) has won most races in a specific event in this Olympic cycle (all races since the London 2012 Games), winning 13 races in C1M 1000m until May 2016.

Brendel is also unbeaten in the last 10 major races in C1M 1000m since finishing second at the 2013 World Championships.

Ken Wallace (AUS) has claimed 47 podium finishes in all major races since the 2012 London Games, 15 more than the next athlete, Rene Poulsen (DEN, 32).

Poulsen claimed 13 of his 32 podium spots in the Rio Olympic cycle in K1M 1000m, one fewer than Sebastian Brendel in C1M 1000m (14).

World Cup

Andreas Dittmer holds the record for most World Cup race wins (31), ahead of Kovacs (24) and Adam van Koeverden (CAN) (23).

Van Koeverden holds the record for most World Cup podium finishes in a single event - 26 top 3 finishes in K1M 1000 (W12-S9-B5).

Carolin Leonhardt (GER) has won 14 World Cup races in K4W 500m, one behind the record for most wins in a specific World Cup event; 15 wins for Katrin Wagner-Augustin (GER) in K4W 500m and Andreas Dittmer in C1M 1000m.

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