Canoe freestyle will put extra focus on emerging countries and strengthening the development of athletes from new countries as it looks to consolidate its future globally.

A meeting of the International Canoe Federation freestyle committee in Plattling, Germany, mapped out a busy program both on and off the water for the coming seasons. Key to the growth of the sport will be attracting new countries.

“Canoe freestyle continues to prove popular all over the world, but we know there are lots of opportunities for us in coming years to tap into new territories,” Committee chairman, Terry Best, said.

“We have two very exciting world championships coming up – in Columbus, USA, this year, and Plattling here in Germany in 2025, both of which will be tremendous opportunities to showcase our sport. We have to grasp those opportunities to show the world how exciting our sport is.

“We have a strong and passionate freestyle community in the US, and Plattling is in many ways a spiritual home for our sport. These are great foundations for our next two world championships.”

The committee agreed to give special attention to tapping into the international recreational paddling community, and making it easier and more attractive for these paddlers to make the transition to the international competition.

German Canoe Federation vice president Karl Hauck joined the committee meeting on the opening day. Led by the mayor of the city, Hans Schmalhofer and organising committe chair Thomas Hinkel, the freestyle committee conducted a site visit, with Plattling set to host the 2024 ICF world cup ahead of the 2025 world championships.

“Plattling always puts on a great show, which is why it’s considered one of the sport’s spiritual homes,” Best said.

“Our ICF world titles will be held alongside a German/Bavarian festival, which will bring new eyes to our event, and add to the party vibe we always have at our competitions.”

This year’s ICF Canoe Freestyle World Championships will be held in Columbus, USA-Georgia, from October 9-14.

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