Hungary’s Renata CSAY (K2W) and Marton KOVER (C2M) each followed Saturday’s individual gold with team success; and in doing so helped their nation to an unprecedented tally of 27 medals as the final action at the 2016 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships concluded in Brandenburg, Germany.

Hank MCGREGOR also doubled with victory in the K2 Men’s where he joined forces with Jasper MOCKE (RSA) to win his eighth world title.

But the star of the show was CSAY who achieved her second gold of the weekend and 18th in total after teaming up with Alexandra BARA in the K2 Women’s race. 

The pair led from the front with only the talented young duo of Jenna WARD and Kyeta PURCHASE (RSA) able to sustain the Hungarian’s relentless pace.

The young South African crew eventually ran away with silver, a remarkable achievement considering the high caliber of paddlers in the mix.

“It was an honour to paddle next to Renata,“ later commented WARD, underlining CSAY’s legendary status even amongst her adversaries.

Marton KOVER (HUN) replicated his teammates brace of gold’s in similar fashion by successfully combining with Ádám DÓCZÉ in the C2 Men.

Interestingly, this was the 28-year-old Hungarian’s seventh World Championship gold, ominously one more than CSAY at the same age.

Earlier the junior crews of Erik PETRÓ and Ádám VARGA (HUN, K2M), plus Dániel LACZÓ and Tamás BAKÓ (HUN, C2M) also played their part in Hungary’s dominance, each winning their respective races by comfortable margins.

This rounded out an unprecedented medal haul for the eastern European nation with a tally of 27  (14G, 8S, 5B) from possible of 34 over the 17 races — two boats nation per race.

The World Championships now move to South Africa where Pietermaritzburg will host the event next September.


K2 Men
Gold – Hank MCGREGOR and Jasper MOCKE (RSA) 02:06:28.6
Silver – Adrián BOROS and László SOLTI (HUN) 02:06:29.1 / +00.442
Bronze – Andrew BIRKETT and Louis HATTINGH (RSA)02:06:29.4 / +00.748

K2 Women
Gold – Renáta CSAY and Alexandra BARA (HUN) 02:02:09.6
Silver – Jenna WARD and Kyeta PURCHASE (RSA) 02:02:11.6 / +01.950
Bronze – Zsófia GICZY and Sára Anna MIHALIK 02:02:31.9 / +22.250

C2 Men
Gold - Márton KÖVÉR and Ádám DÓCZÉ (HUN) 02:05:27.1
Silver – Ramon FERRO and Oscar GRAÑA (ESP) 02:06:00.1 / +33.000
Bronze – Zoltán KOLESZÁR and Bence Balázs DÓRI(HUN) 02:06:41.3 / +01:14.130

Junior K2 Men
Gold – Erik PETRÓ and Ádám VARGA (HUN) 01:37:18.7 
Silver – Luke HARDING and Magnus GREGORY (GBR) 01:37:20.1 / +01.410
Bronze – Csaba ERDÖSSY and Keán MAYER (HUN) 01:37:24.9 / +06.24

Junior C2 Men
Gold – Dániel LACZÓ and Tamás BAKÓ (HUN) 01:31:42.6        
Silver – Gergely Zoltán KOSZNOVSZKI and Balázs ADOLF (HUN) 01:32:16.0/+33.400
Bronze – Sérgio MACIEL and Marco APURA (POR) 01:33:48.2 / +02:05.550

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