29 November 2023

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) is committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable environment and is actively seeking highly qualified sports scientists or physiologists to join the working group on transgender policy as volunteers.

In line with the International Olympic Committee’s Framework on fairness, inclusion, and non-discrimination based on gender, the working group's objective is to develop a transgender policy that aligns with ICF's strategy and commitment. The ICF believes that the contributions of passionate and knowledgeable experts will be invaluable in shaping the policy, ensuring that the canoeing sport remains at the forefront of promoting diversity and fairness.

Along with sports scientists and physiology experts, the gender-balanced working group will include ICF leadership, athlete representatives, sports advocates, and other stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive and reasonable outcome.

ICF welcomes dedicated experts to join the force and share their valuable insights and time to enhance the sport of canoeing further.

If you are interested please contact Nicolas Guang Yang,