The ICF marathon paddler of the month of July is Julian Salineas from Argentina.

1. What made you take up canoe marathon as a sport?

* I like the marathon more because of the way I train and prepare for the competitions, I really enjoy spending a lot of time on the boat, that is the main reason

2. How hard was it to get into canoe marathon in Argentina?

 *It was difficult but fun, there is a high level in Argentina. Another issue is that since it is not an Olympic sport, it is not given as much importance or support as sprint

3. Where do you train and how big is your training group?

* I train in Choele Choel, province of Rio Negro in southern Argentina in a club called Huilliches. My training group is usually 4 or 5 of us who train marathon

4. Is it difficult to get to top level competitions?

* Yes, the truth is difficult, the summers are very hot and our classification is at the beginning of March before the winter arrives, which makes training very difficult due to temperatures below zero, that is very bad because at that time is the time when we must most train, since it is very close to the World Championships and international events

5. What is your canoe marathon dream?

* My dream is to be world champion one year, and run international regattas like the desenso del sella and the black river regatta

6. Who are your sporting heroes?

* My sports idols, outside of this sport would be Tadej Pogacar, Primoz Roglic or Egan Bernal, in canoeing Fernando Pimenta, Hank McGregor, Julio Martinez or Manuel Busto

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