ICF Partner with Conti

The partnership was renewed prior to the hugely successful 2014 Canoe Polo World Championships in Thury-Harcourt, an event that demonstrated the growing global interest in the sport and will run until 2018. It includes the provision of match balls for use in all ICF Canoe Polo events together with financial support to assist in the development of the sport. The match balls will also be used at all Continental Canoe Polo Championships and in the 2017 IWGA World Games (subject to IWGA approval).

Mr. Yang Wei-Chao, Vice President of Cont, said:

“We are very pleased with the relationship between ICF and Conti over the past four years and are excited to continue to the ongoing partnership."

“We do hope that all the players continue to enjoy using Conti’s Canoe Polo Balls over the next four years.”

Greg Smale, ICF Canoe Polo Committee chairman, said:

"It is great to continue working in partnership with Conti. At the recent 2014 Canoe Polo World Championships in Thury-Harcourt, France the Opening Ceremony, all games (with the Conti brand displayed below the scoreboard) and medal ceremonies were broadcast live via the ICF YouTube channel with over 145,000 views in a matter of days."

"The championships was picked up by television with peak viewing figures of 16 million, and daily viewing figures of 2 million."

"For the finals there were 10,000 spectators around the one 35 x 23 metre pitch, which created an amazing atmosphere!"

Canoe Polo is the only contact canoe discipline played between two teams of five over two 10 minutes halves. The aim is to score more goals than your opponents; to score a goal you must throw the ball into the net that is suspended above the water at each end of a rectangular playing pitch. These pitches can be on open water or a swimming pool.

Referees control matches and the fast, explosive action from players encompasses a wide range of canoeing skills including the Eskimo roll as players in possession of the ball can be pushed over by their opponent.

Canoe Polo