Brazil’s Isaquias Queiroz dos Santos, a three-time medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics, broke through to take gold in the men’s C1 1000 in one of the highlights of the canoe sprint program at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

Dos Santos finished ahead of Cuba’s Fernando Jorge, with Canada’s Drew Hodges third.

In the men’s K1 1000, Argentina’s Agustin Vernice took the gold, ahead of Canada’s Marshall Hughes and Brazil’s Vagner Souta. There was also a gold medal for Argentina in the men’s K2 1000, ahead of Canada and Mexico, and the K4 500, where they beat Cuba and Mexico.

Argentina Augustin Vernice Lima 2019

American Nevin Harrison took the women’s C1 200 title, beating Chile’s Maria Chi Mailliard and Cuba’s Mayvihanet Borges.

Canada’s Dominik Crete won the men’s K1 200 final, ahead of Ecuador’s Cesar de Cesare and Argentina’s Ruben Rezola. Argentina picked up the gold in the women’s K1 200 through Sabrina Ameghino, with Canada’s Andreanne Langlois second and Mexico’s Beatriz Briones.

Cuba picked up gold in the men’s C2 1000 final, finishing more than three seconds ahead of Canada, with Mexico taking the bronze, and in the women’s C2 500, where they beat Chile and Canada.

Mexico’s Beatriz Briones was triumphant in the women’s K1 500, beating Canada’s Andreanne Langlois and Brazil’s Ana Paula Vergutz.

Canada finishing ahead of Mexico and Argentina in the women’s K4 500, and also took gold in the women’s K2 500, with silver going to Argentina and bronze to Mexico.

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Canada women K2 Lima 2019

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