The final day of the Marathon World Cup in Norway saw another double win for the amazingly strong Hungarians.

Wanda Kizli and Zsofia Czellai-Vörös fought out the women's K1 long course, with Kizli as the gold medalist. The fight for the bronze was tough, seeing Jenna Ward, South Africa and Jane Swarbreck, Great Britain side by side for the later phase of the race with the British paddler winning the medal after a tough final sprint.

Among the men, the Danish Viking Mads Brandt Pedersen dominated a race in very tough conditions, suitable for arctic paddlers like him with strong wind and chilly rain. Mads had the inititative most of the race, but his victory was not comfortable with the always competitive long distance specialist Adrian Boros, of Hungary, second.

Jon Amund Vold followed, adding another medal to the one´s he won on Saturday and the one won in Poznan last weekend.

C1 men brought a gold medal to France by Tanguy Soucheyre, with yesterday's winner Jakub Brzina, Czech Republic second and  the Hungarian Balázs Nagy third.

The Norwegian organiser´s are already looking forward to next year's world championships, held on the same course south from Oslo.

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