The International Canoe Federation will once again conduct it’s world-leading online level three sprint coaching course which will be open to coaches all over the globe.

The course will once again be run in partnership with the Hungarian University of Sports Science, and offers coaches a unique opportunity to access the best canoe trainers. The course will run from September 18 to November 26 and has the goal of improving the knowledge, skill and competencies of participating coaches.

The Sprint Canoeing Online Level 3 Coaching Course will focus on theoretical, technical and practical aspects of coaching, equipping them to take responsibility over a team of coaches.

The 10-week online course will be broken into five two-week core subjects;

1. Training theory and methodology

2. Sports Psychology

3. Sport nutrition

4. Sport pedagogy

5. Sport injuries

Each module will include classroom instruction, sport-specific presentations, and demonstration of practical activities. There will be home assignments and independent study will be required.

The Sprint Canoeing Online Level 3 Coaching Course program is taught and run exclusively in English. Participants are expected to communicate at a reasonable level. The course will finish with an online test.

“The ICF Sustainable Development Program continues with an education programme that intends to reach the five continents at the best academic level,” ICF vice-president, Dr Cecilia Farias, said.

“We work in partnership with Hungarian University to ensure that well prepared professionals will access and consume all the necessary knowledge which will help them improve our sport at all levels.” -

Graduates of the program receive the "Sprint Canoeing Level 3 Coaching Course” certificate. This coaching certificate is registered and endorsed by the International Canoe Federation and issued by the Hungarian University of Sports Science.

The Hungarian University of Sports Science is the largest, the most comprehensive and the oldest centre for education and training in sport in Hungary with 98 years of history, originally established as the Royal College of Physical Education in 1925.

You can find more information on the course and the registration links on our ICF development page.

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