26 September 2022

This year’s Paddle Sports Show in Lyon, France, is set to bring together most of the world’s top manufacturers and industry leaders for three days of exhibitions and discussions.

The show takes place from September 28 through to September 30, and draws buyers from specialty stores, purchasing centers, rental stations and outfitters across France, UK, Europe and around the world.

The show will feature more than 150 booths of apparels, boats, boards and accessories, and a full line-up of special events, including talks and summits, the Paddle Sports Product of the Year Awards, film festivals, races, and on water-demos.

Expected buyer and exhibitor turnout exceeds 2500 attendees including retailers, exhibitors and media per show.

The busy conference program will include talks on how the paddle sport industry can reduce its environmental impact, with a close look at the impact of plastic pollution on rivers and oceans.

There will also be panels examining ways to attract more people to paddle sports, and ways to keep them involved, the role of national and international federations in the development of the sports, and how to cope with the explosion of production costs, and the shortage of materials.

More information, including a detailed schedule, can be found here.