It’s taken them four years to finally get back together, but Poland’s Vincent Slominski and Mateusz Kaminski have wasted no time reacquainting themselves and returning to the top of the podium.

In 2013 Slominski and Kaminski won the World U23 C2 1000 sprint canoe title in Canada, but that was to be the end of their partnership.

The sad reality was, they were not the best C2 combination in Poland, so their talents were better directed elsewhere.

Now in 2017 their paths have crossed again, and like a pair of old slippers, they have wasted no time getting comfortable again.

On Saturday they won the C2 1000 final at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 2 in Szeged, edging out Cuba’s Serquey Torres and Fernando Jorge in a time of 3:27:543, with triple Olympic gold medallist Sebastian Brendel and his partner, Jan Vandrey, fourth.

“The teams here are very strong, so for us to win we can look forward to a good European Championships and World Championships,” Slominski said.

“We beat the Olympic gold medallist, so this C2 might be good for the European and the World Championships.”

Having been told in 2013 they weren’t the best, Slominski said it was nice to have worked their way back to the top.

“We have only been back together for two weeks and now we have won, so we are very happy,” he said.

“The team leader at the time tried some other teams, but now we are the strongest in our group.

“We needed to be stronger, so it wasn’t really frustrating for us, but it was a little disappointing.”

The 2017 ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 2 continues on Sunday.

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