Belarus opens the Minsk Junior and U23 World championships with winning the first medal of the day in C2 Women Junior 500m

 "Its our last competition of the season, we did out best here and our next goal is winning at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020" said the new world champions.

  1.  Alena Nazdrova and Nadzeya Makarchanka (BLR)
  2. Dania Kharchenko and Atila Almakeva (RUS)
  3. Annika Loske and Ophelia Preller (GER)

K4 Junior Women 500m

 The first Hungrian gold of the day was won by it's K4 Junior Women, 

Noemi talked for the boat "It was very hard for us but very fast, we had a very good start and we were very tired at the finish but we could do this, it’s not too long we are training in the same boat together, we had only 3 or 4 trainings together before the world champs and very happy with the result".

  1. Fruzsina Racsko, Alida Dora Gazso, Noemi Pupp , Luca Homonnai (HUN)
  2. Katinka Hofmann, Kim Janine Riedle, Jule Marie Hake, Clara Thieme (GER)
  3. Natalia Kostiukova, Anastasiia Fedorova, Victoria Krupnova, Arina Anoshkina (RUS)

K1 Junior Men 1000m

Jacob Schope (GER) winner of the K1 men Junior 1000 satisfied with his gold medal, said to the ICF "It was nearly perfect race, only the start was a little bid confusing and then it was extremely good, other teams are extremely strong and I didn’t I would win before the start of the race because I am little bit younger than other guys but my motivation was so high in the race and my arms sore now, I am paddling for eight years in my favourite city Berlin, I love canoeing and its a great sport and it’s a shame we don’t have that much fan in my country".

  1. Jacob Schope (GER)
  2. Magnus Gregory (GBR)
  3. Jean Van Der Westhuizen (RSA)

C1 Junior Men 1000m

"I am very satisfied with my race, winning here was easy for me and the whole race was under control, I am a competitor and I enjoyed the race, I competed last year in Portugal in Junior World Championships but this is my first world medal" said Aleksandr Tutaev (RUS) the winner of the following race.

  1. Aleksandr Tutaev (RUS)
  2. Catalin Chirila (ROU)
  3. Stefanos Dimopoulos (GRE)

K1 Men U23 1000m

Artuur Peters (BEL) on his way to RIo wins the K1 1000m, "I was fast, I had a good start and after 500m I could keep on with my rhythm and get it to the end, when I saw the Belarusian athlete beside me, I pushed harder for the finish and made it first, I go to Rio on 8th of August and competing K1 1000 in Rio too".

  1. Artuur Peters (BEL)
  2. Ihar Baicheuski (BLR)
  3. Laszlo Solti (HUN)

C1 Men U23 1000m

For Yurri Vandiuk (UKR), It was a special day he added "for me its the first time that I compete in single boat in the the world championships and the first time I win the medal my coach my friends my team and my girldfriend helped me to be here today, and specially my coach Svetoslav Sorokin and thank to him I made a good race today. 

  1. Yurii Vandiuk (UKR)
  2. Wiktor Glazunow (POL)
  3. Andras Bodonyi (HUN)

K4 U23 Women 500m

German's second medal of today was won by its K4 Women, "It was not our best race but it was a good one, well maybe it doesn’t really matter if it was our best or not, important thing is that we won, we are training together since the first world cup in Duisburg, we didn’t win in Duisburg but the next world cup in Portugal we finished second, for us it’s getting better race after race".

  1. Jasmin Fritz, Melanie Gebhardt, Tabea Medert, Nina Krankemann (GER)
  2. Sara Ouzande, Camila Morison, Natalia Garcia, Begona KLazkano (ESP)
  3. Anett Szilagyi, Rita Katrinecz, Eszter Malcsiner, Agnes Szabo (HUN)

C2 U23 Women 500m

Hungrian Women C2 added another gold to the tally."We didn’t think we would win, we planned for the whole race and and at the end we did it even better than yesterday’s heat. This race is very important for us, we really hope we can race in Tokyo, our season is not finished yet because we are going to have another race next week at home and then we can think about summer"

  1. Virag Balla, Kincso Takacs (HUN)
  2. Katie Vincent, Nadya Crossman-Serb (CAN)
  3. Sniazhana Bobr, Volha Klimava (BLR)

K2 Junior Men 1000m

  1. Erik Petro, Adam Varga (HUN)
  2. Mikita Sanko and Uladzislau Sukhanosau (BLR)
  3. Samo Balaz, Csaba Zalka (SVK)

C2 Junior Men 1000m

  1. Ian Kavaliauskas, Ivan Dmitriev (RUS)
  2. Ryhor Maisiuk, Dzianis Vashchanka (BLR)
  3. Peter Krasznai, Aron Mihaly (HUN)

K2 U23 Men 1000m

Tomas Vesely, Radek Slouf (CZE) "In 200m I looked at the shoulders and muscles ;) of my teammate and just followed his lead, in the middle of the race I looked around and saw Russia boat was very fast in 800m and I said oh man Russia let’s go, German boat was also coming with us step by step till the finish and we just paddled faster and faster".

  1. Tomas Vesely, Radek Slouf (CZE)
  2. Felix Landes, Lukas Reuschenbach (GER)
  3. Oleg Siniavin, Maxim Spesivtsen (RUS)

 C2 U23 Men 1000m

Sergey Yemellyanov, Timofey Yemelyanov (KAZ) "It was a good race, we were expecting medal but with strong teams like Ukraine and Romania were not expecting the gold, we are training for the Olympics, not this year in Rio but hopefully we can win in Tokyo".

  1. Sergey Yemellyanov, Timofey Yemelyanov (KAZ)
  2. Leonid Carp, Andrei Strat (ROU)
  3. Yurri Vandiuk, Andrii Rybachok (UKR)

Canoe Sprint