Norway and Hungary won both gold and silver in K1, respectively men and women when the ICF canoe marathon world cup kicked off with the new world championship short track category on Saturday.

The young giant Zsofia Vellais-Zörös won the K1  women, with her team-mate Wanda Kizli second. The race was quite dramatic -Wanda fall in the final portage just 1000 metres before the finish, lost 50 metres, but managed to pass the bronze-medalist, Jenna Ward of South Africa, just before the finish line.

The men's category became an exciting fight between the two Norwegian brothers, Eivind and Amund Vold, the Dane, Mads Brand-Petersen, and Adrian Boros of Hungary. The four of them raced together all the way over the three lap course of 3.400 metres, which included two exciting portages.

Showing great skills over the portages, the race was not given until the last metres with the two Norwegians once again together over the finish line, similar to last weekend in the sprint 5000m world cup race in Poznan.

C1 was as well a tight race, seeing Jakub Brzina of the Czech Republic as the winner.

The full marathon distances follows on Sunday on the excellent waters of Sandvika, Norway.
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