What an incredible 2018 we have had in the canoeing world, full of jubilation and heartbreak.

Finding a highlight in a year with so many would seem a near-impossible task, but that is what we are asking you to do!

We want you to tell us what your favourite canoeing moment of 2018 was. To help you on your way, we have helpfully compiled a list of major world championship winners below.

Over the next two weeks we will highlight on our Planet Canoe Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts some of the biggest moments we saw this year. To vote all you need to do is like that post.

Of course, if you’d like to nominate a result not listed below, go right ahead. We will be gathering results across all our social media platforms, and will then countdown the top ten as we head towards the end of 2018.

So check out the list below, go back and watch the event on our YouTube account if you want to refresh your memory, and get voting!


K1 200 men – Carlos Garrote – Spain
K1 200 women – Lisa Carrington – New Zealand
K1 500 women – Danuta Kozak - Hungary
K1 1000 men – Fernando Pimenta – Portugal (also K1 5000)
K2 500 women – Anna Karasz/Danuta Kozak (Hungary)
K2 1000 men – Max Hoff/Marcus Gross (Germany)
K4 500 men – Germany
K4 500 women – Hungary
C1 200 women – Laurence Vincent-Lapointe (Canada) (also 5000)
C1 1000 men – Sebastian Brendel (Germany) (also 5000)
C2 500 women – Vincent-LaPointe/Vincent (Canada)
C2 1000 men – Oeltze/Kretschmer (Germany)


Men K1 – Hannes Aigner (Germany)
Women K1 – Jessica Fox (Australia)
Men C1 – Franz Anton (Germany)
Women C1 – Jessica Fox (Australia)


K1 women – Vanda Kiszli (Hungary)
K1 men – Andrew Birkett (South Africa)
K2 women – Renata Csay/Zsofia Czellai-Voros (Hungary)
K2 men – Birkett/McGregor (South Africa)
C1 women – Liudmyla Babak (Ukraine)
C1 men – Manuel Campos (Spain)
C2 men – Romero/Grana (Spain)


Unified Korean team - 2018 Asian Games


K1 men – Simon Oven – (Slovenia)
K1 women – Martina Satkova (Czech)

K1 men – Nejc Znidarcic (Slovenia)
K1 women – Manon Hostens (France)
C1 men classic – Ondrej Rolenc (Czech)
C1 women classic – Martina Satkova (Czech)
C1 men sprint – Blaz Cof (Slovenia)
C1 women sprint – Cecilia Panato (Italy)


Men – Germany
Women – Germany


KL1 men – Esaban Farias (Italy)
Kl2 men – Curtis McGrath (Australia)
KL3 men – Serhii Yemelianov (Ukraine)
VL2 men – Igor Tofalini (Brazil)
VL3 men – Curtis McGrath (Australia)
KL1 women – Maryna Manzhula (Ukraine)
KL2 women – Charlotte Henshaw (GB)
KL3 women – Helene Ripa (Sweden)
VL2 women – Emma Wiggs (GB)

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