Sunday competition day for K1W and C2M started with semi-finals, the course was tough and we could rarely see clean races.

The first surprise of the day was that Jessica Fox (AUS) had troubles on gate number ten and lost on split time, it was followed by 2 penalties on gates 15 and 18, she finished at 17th place and couldn’t reach to the afternoon final.

We had also a few surprises in Finals, Jana Dukatova from Slovakia , three-time overall winner of the World Cup performed a very good technical run, she raced very smooth through the gates but at the bottom of the course she missed gate number 23 and was placed 9th at the ranking despite having the fastest time.

The race of the day belongs to Ricarda Funk (GER) , she picked up her first touch on the gate eight , second on the gate twelve and the third on the gate fifteen she performed a very fast race and an amazing finish and had the best split time despite her six seconds of penalty, she finished two seconds ahead of Ana Satila (BRA) and Eva Tercelj (SLO) stood in the third place.Very emotional Ricarda Funk (GER) after her race said “I was not expecting to have three touches and then after those penalties didn’t think I could finish first, I raced very fast and I’m really happy despite my mistakes”

Olympic gold medallist Peter and Ladislav Skantar surfed the wave very smoothly down the course with an excellent speed, they grabbed the gold with a clean run and more than two seconds ahead of the German pair, Thomas Becker and Robert Behling (GER) had a touch on upstream gate six and stood at the second place and the host C2 favourite Jakub Jane and Ondrej Karlovsky (CZE) touched gate number 11 and speeded up in the down part of the course, they had the second touch on gate 22 and led by 0,01 before French pair and finished third .

We did well, no big mistakes on the course and mostly after the semi-finals we knew where we could go faster, which we managed. And it is also a great result, because we have not really trained after the Olympics due to other responsibilities”. said Skantars after the final.

K1 Women

  1. Ricarda Funk (GER) 108.59, 6 seconds of penalty
  2. Ana Satila (BRA) 110.75, 4 seconds of penalty
  3. Eva Tercelj (SLO) 111.37, 6 seconds of penalty

C2 Men

  1. Peter and Ladislav Skantar (SVK) 108.29 , no penalties
  2. Thomas Becker and Robert Behling (GER) 110.95, 2seconds of penalty
  3. Jakub Jane and Ondrej Karlovsky (CZE) 113.82, 4 seconds of penalty
Canoe Slalom