Waveski surfing has been officially integrated into the Spanish Canoe Federation (RFEP) structure in a major boost for the ICF-recognised sport.

The federation has a national waveski committee, headed by world waveski association president, Gus Presa, and has recently approved Spain’s first waveski rule book. The committee is now working to certify judges, which will then allow official waveski competitions sanctioned by the RFEP.

Presa said being part of the professional RFEP structure was a major boost for waveski.

“The waveski committee will develop activities to attract young canoeists into our sport,” Presa said.

“Off-season camps will be one way to young paddlers how much fun can be had surfing sea waves. We strongly recommend all waveski members and local waveski associations around the world, strengthen their bonds with their national canoe federation.

“This is the way to succeed.”

Presa also confirmed the next world waveski surfing titles will be held in Huanchaco, Peru, in 2022.

Waveski Surfing