Paracanoe Ergometer Challenge

Rules and data processing policies


The Paracanoe community is bringing the 'Paracanoe Ergometer Challenge' to the para-athletes.

Paracanoe recreational and elite athletes can measure themselves on the distance of 500 meters on ergometer, and share with the community.

This challenge aims to give motivation, challenge, and competitive spirit to the athletes during this year, as unfortunately most of the international competition have been cancelled.

This challenge also gives the opportunity to the athletes to keep international exchange with other athletes, through their different submission and the rankings.

It is also an opportunity for non-elite athletes to compare their performance with the top para-paddlers of the world.



The submissions are opened every second half of the month:

    • Submission are open for a period of 15 days, starting on the 15th of each month, and closing on the last day of each month
    • An athlete can submit several scores, only the best one will appear in the ranking
    • For every new period, the ranking will be renewed
    • The challenge aims to have several periods, leading to end of September.
    • At the end of the challenge, a final ranking will be produce based on an average of the different periods.

The athlete must submit their score through the dedicated submission page:

    • The athlete must provide the following information on the submission page: First name, last name, country, gender, mail address, sport class, date of attempt, ergometer brand, 500m time, any video and/or picture to confirm the provided information and time.
    • Sport class: if the athlete already went through an international or national classification, they can simply put their sport class. If an athlete has not been officially classified, the athlete can provide the expected class, along with the reason. The coordinator will then approved or ask additional information.
    • Ergometer brand: the challenge is open to all types/brand of ergometers. Both Kayak and Va’a paddling technique are be accepted. The athlete must provide the brand of the ergometer, in order to help in comparing the athlete scores.
    • Videos and pictures: the athlete are asked to upload videos and/or picture in order to confirm that they have completed the 500m by themselves, and that the time and other information provided are correct. The videos can also be used to be published on the challenge webpage, or to be used in other promotional videos that can be posted o the webpage or any social media of the ICF or the National Federation or any other organization involved.

A coordinator will review the athlete submission

    • For some countries, a dedicated coordinator reviews the submission, and make sure the 500m time can be approved by reviewing the videos and pictures, and also make sure that there is no mistake in any of the submitted information.
    • If necessary the coordinator can write a mail to the athlete, in their native language, to ask for clarification.
    • The coordinator is nominated with the approval of the National Federation.
    • If a country does not have a dedicated coordinator, the submission will either be reviewed by another coordinator or by the ICF paracanoe manager.

By submitting scores, video, and pictures, the athlete agrees to the data policies:

    • The submission data can be published on the ICF website/social platforms, as well as on any National Federation website/social platforms or any other involved organization website/social platforms
    • The pictures and Videos can be used for communication purpose, can be published as such, or modified to create new promotional video on the ICF website/social platforms, as well as on any National Federation website/social platforms or any other involved organization website/social platforms
    • Submitted data, picture, and videos will be stored on a ICF server, to which the ICF and all coordinator can have access. The data can be deleted by demand of the athlete.
    • The mail address should not be published, and may be used only for communicating to the athlete. Only the ICF and the coordinators will have access to the information.
    • if an athlete would want to participate to the challenge, but refuse to have his videos/pictures published, the athlete should contact the ICF paracanoe manager by mail at to explicitely state that the submitted video must not be published.