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Events: World Championship – 19 - 23 August 2015, Milan – Italy 




200  500  1000  5000


200  500  1000  5000


200  500  1000


200  500  1000 








200  500  1000  5000




200  500  1000 





Paracanoe Women

Paracanoe Men

K1 200mt

A,  TA,  LTA

K1 200mt

A,  TA,  LTA

V1 200mt

A,  TA,  LTA

V1 200mt

A,  TA,  LTA


 Team registration

Every member of each delegation must be accredited and pay the participation fee to access the competition venue during the access period.

Entries/Accreditation -

Preliminary entry form  February 28th 2015
Preliminary Booking form February 28th 2015
Second payment Hotel March 31th 2015
Final Hotel Payment  July 27th 2015!
Final travel info  July 27th 2015 
Press Accreditation Form July 31th 2015




Nominal Entries and Accreditations will be only be accepted via the International Canoe Federations new Integrated Sport Information System, called ISIS. Nominal Entries close on 1th August 2015. Please log on to the ICF ISIS Log In.


Participation fee

The participation fee of € 30 per day per participant will cover the following services:

• Transportation to and from the airports of Linate and Malpensa and Bergamo , Central Railway
Station to Hotel!
• Shuttle Service from the accommodation to the racing venue (from day of arrival, to departure
• Accreditation
• Access and common use of the venue
• Parking for one (1) trailer or one (1) container, for boats, paddles and team equipment!
• Access and Parking for one accredited vehicle
• Mineral Water on site at venue
• Security Services and secure athlete area
• Medical care at the venue
• Insurance cover of the event

The above mentioned fee applies from arrival to departure. For arrivals or later departures theinterested Teams are to contact the main office.


As you all know, from May to September 2015, Milan will host the universal exhibition EXPO.

As you will understand, all the hotels will have a greater demand of rooms during that period.

Because of that, the Organizing Committee kindly ask all National Federations to comply with  the official deadlines in order to have all rooms available at the World Championships. Hotel booking should be made through the 2015 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships Organizing Committee.

Please,be informed that lunch will be provided at the venue.

You are kindly requested to send your booking form by and not later than February 28th, 2015.

We would like to inform all participants that all booking forms could be re-directed to another hotel in case the initially requested accommodation does not have enough rooms to welcome big Delegations.In any case, the area provides great hotel capacity of different standards to please all participantsneeds.

Category A
Hotel Crowne Plaza: K. Adenauer 3 20097 San Donato Milanese

Distance to the competition area 9 km.   -   about 12 min. by bus

-Single room      € 144.00  per person / per day
-Double room   € 101,00    per person / per day
-Triple room      €  89,00   per person/ per day


Cancellation without penalty   before May 4
Penalty 25% for cancellation  after  May 4
Penalty 50% for cancellation  after June 3
Penalty 75% for cancellation after July 3
100% penalty for cancellation after August 4 

Category B
Hotel Novotel Linate: Mecenate 121 20138 Milano

Distance to the competition area 7 km.   -    about min. by bus

-Single room    € 148,00 per person / per day
-Double room   € 107,00   per person / per day
-Triple room     €   94,00  per person / per day


Cancellation without penalty  before  April 18
Penalty 50% for cancellation before June 3
Penalty 75% for cancellation before August 4
100% penalty for cancellationafter August 5


AirHotelLinate (only organizing committee - IT Officials - FICK - ICF Segr.)

Distance to the competition area 2 km.   -  about 2 min. by bus

-Single room    € 132,00  per person / per day
-Double room    € 100,00  per person / per day
-Triple room    €   89,00   per person / per day
-Four-bed room    €   89,00    per person / per day


Cancellation without penalty beforeApril 18
Penalty 50% for cancellation  before June 3
Penalty 75% for cancellation  before August 4
100% penalty for cancellation after August 5

Holiday Inn Linate: Bruno Buozzi 2 20068 Peschiera Borromeo MI

Distance tothe competition area 5 km. -  about 6 min. by bus

-Single room    € 127,00 per person / per day
-Double room   €   89,00   per person / per day


Cancellation without penalty    before May 4
Penalty 25% for cancellation   after May 4
Penalty 50% for cancellation   after June 3
Penalty 75% for cancellation   after July 3
100% penalty for cancellation after August 4

Hotel Rege: Milano 2 – 200097 San Donato Milanese

Distance to  the competition area 8 km. about 11 min. by bus

-Single room    € 144,00 per person / per day
-Double room   € 103,00  per person / per day
-Triple room    €  91,00 per person / per day


Cancellation without penalty before April 18
Penalty 50% for cancellation before June 3
Penalty 75% for cancellation before August 4
100% penalty for cancellation after August 5

Espresso Hotel Linate: Francesco Baracca 19 -20090 Novegro di Segrate - MI

Distance to  the competition area 3 km. about 3 min. by bus

-Single room    € 127,00  per person / per day
-Double room   €   98,00    per person / per day
-Triple room     €   89,00   per person / per day

CANCELLATION TERMS Espresso Hotel Linate

Cancellation without penalty   before April 18
Penalty 50% for cancellation before June 3
Penalty 75% for cancellation before August 4
100% penalty for cancellation after August 5

Hotel AtaHotels Quark: Lampedusa 11/a 20141 Milano

Distance to  the competition area 14 km. about 15 min. by bus

-Single room    €  147,00 per person / per day
-Double room   €  101,00  per person / per day
-Triple room     €    90,00  per person / per day


Cancellation without penalty  before April 18
Penalty 50% for cancellation  before June 3
Penalty 75% for cancellation   before August 4
100% penalty for cancellation  after August 5

*Attention: Prices include hotel accommodation and three meals per day per participant. For booking of rooms with larger capacity, please contact the O.C. We will book rooms at the requested hotels, however we do reserve the right to allocate rooms in any of the hotels of your selected category depending on availability. Hotels are entitled to request a deposit credit card in the event of damages or extra service. Booking of accommodation through the O.C. is mandatory. All bookings, changes to bookings or cancellations have to be submitted using the official forms which are available for download at

Payement deadlines

40% by 28th February 2015
40% by 31th March 2015
20%  by 27th July 2015

All the payment can be made by bank transfer.Bank details for all payments - Organizing Committee Bank Account:

IBAN: IT 45 L 08327 03231 000000007724
Bank Account Number: 7724
Banca di Credito Cooperativo – Agency n. 31
Via Corrado del Greco 88-00121 Roma
Beneficiary Travel Market Srl
Address Via Costanzo Casana 44/22 -00121 Roma Italy

General information

At the Idroscalo there is a First Aid department for emergency care.
During the races a doctor and an ambulance will be available on site.
Furthermore, a physiotherapy clinic will be available near boats storage at extra cost.

There will be mandatory doping control in accordance with the WADA and the ICF rules. If you have any question regarding doping control, please contact the ICF headquarter at the following email address:!

Teams requiring a visa to enter Italy should send full details no later than 8th March 2014!
Full details to be sent to:

Following datas to be clearly mentioned for Visa applications:
•Birth date
•Passport No. 
•Expiry date 
•Visa delivery embassy town
•Arrival and Departure Date
•Accommodation Information in Italy

Download the file


How to reach Milan - Idroscalo club


In the urban area of Milan there are three airports for civil traffic, Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio, which represent the major airport system in Italy. Malpensa (MPX)Situated in the Province of Varese, within the Ticino Park, it’s the largest in the system, intended for intercontinental, continental and national flights. It’s directly connected to the city centre through the shuttle service “Malpensa Express”, travel time to the Milan Cadorna station is 30 to 40 minutes.Linate (LIN)It’s the city airport, next to the competition field of Idroscalo, it hosts only national, European and low-cost flights and is connected to the city centre by the No. 73 bus line. Orio al Serio (BGY)The international airport Orio al Serio, close to Bergamo, is utilised mainly for charter, cargo and low-cost flights.

Motorway network

Milan is placed in the centre of the North Italy motorway network and, with its three by pass roads surrounding the urban centre, it links the whole system.The by pass roadsThe by pass roads are three: the West one (A50), the East one (A51), the North one A52).To reach Idroscalo it’s necessary to drive the by pass road East and take the exit to airport Linate. Road signs very easily indicates how to reach Idroscalo.


By pass roads connect to: the cross street East-West (A4) from Turin to Trieste; the dorsal North-South (A1) from Milan to Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples; the “Serravalle” (A7) to Genoa; the Lakes motorways to Varese, Como, up to Switzerland.

Railway network

Milan Central station is reached by the following railway lines: Turin-Milan, Venice-Milan, Genoa-Milan, Bologna-Milan and is the point of departure of lines to North Europe through the Sempione and Gottardo tunnels. Milan is served by high speed lines to Turin and Rome.


The Idroscalo Club, well known racing venue for all water Sports, located Eastern Milan.• The water venue, 850,000.00 square meters, is surrounded by a park with sports facilities. The entire complex is vast 1,600,000 square meters.
A place where the public can discover and enjoy the atmosphere of Canoeing with:

  • Maxi Screen
  • Stage
  • Food and beverage, shopping, amusements, etc...
  • Special events

The park will be lung of the event.
Elimination of any architectural barrier accessibility for any activity of Paracanoeing in all Idroscalo’s sectors in agreement with the Italian law.
The competition venue is provided with a building embodying the arrival tower, various offices available to the different sectors, a wide conference room, anti-doping control rooms, the sheltered tribune receiving 900 spectators, a 300 m long five-row staircase with plastic chairs which extends for another 200 m with concrete steps.
The speaker’s public-address system covers the entire spectators and athletes area. Along the south side of the tower, towards the tribune, there is the big screen connected to the Idroscalo, the Italian Federation and, on request, also to the ICF websites. The competition is filmed by the video cameras and re-broadcast with commentary; in this way, who is not present can follow all the stages of the competition on-line in real time.




Idroscalo Venue Information - Click Here

Training Facilities available nearby

The most suitable basin for canoe training is at about 30 km from Idroscalo, the Pusiano Lake,where canoe competitions also take place. The other suitable basin is in Mantova, 160 km away, which receives every year also an international race as well as the Italian national team training meetings.

Press Centre and/or Broadcast Centre

The media operators will have 70 work positions at disposal in the press room and will be in contact all the time with their editorial offices. They will constantly receive the races starting timetables and arrival results and will get to follow the commented stages of all races through a maxi-screen.
At the top floor of the sheltered tribune there will be 25 positions for the TV and radio commentators, they will enjoy a perfect view of the entire competition course and of the maxi-screen in function on the side of the arrival tower facing the tribune, which will allow them to follow the course of the programme.

Athletes Area at the Venue / Services for athlete

Athletes, technicians, medics, physiotherapists avail themselves of the shuttle service between hotels and the competition venue. The athletes area is located at the Idroscalo Club site, where dressing room and toilets are available; along the lake shore there are the apposite boat racks with easy access to embarking and debarking piers. The gazebos for each national team are located along the road behind the hangars of the sport area. The catering service is 200 m far from the athletes’ area.
Boat Hire: available quantity and rental fees (if required) Negotiations with some of the most important worldwide producers are ongoing and will be concluded in due time. That is in order to get the presence of numerous brands which could offer a service at excellent conditions and also the repair service.





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ICF Paracanoe Doctor's Certificate Form-2015

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June 2 Bulletin for Paracanoe Milan 2015 - for publication

MASTER ICF PARACANOE strapping waiver (2014)


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