Aleh Yurenia (BLR)

Aleh Yurenia (BLR)

Canoe Sprint
Date of birth
21 May 1990
188 cm
90 kg
Brest, BLR


General Interest

Driving cars. (, 16 Jun 2015)
Memorable sporting achievement
The four golds and two silvers he won at the European championships between 2010 and 2014. (, 16 Jun 2015)
Most influential person in career
His parents. (, 20 Aug 2014)

International Debut

Competing for

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He took up the sport at age 11 at the Children's Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve in Masty, Belarus.
Why this sport?
He was jogging with his father near the River Neman in Belarus when they saw people kayaking. His father suggested he should try the sport.
Club / Team
Dinamo Sports Club: Belarus
Name of coach
Vladimir Zadolin [personal]; Uladzimir Shantarovich [club]


Olympic GamesK1 1000mEngland, London8 August 20122012Men3:32.3966Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 1000mItaly, Milan22 August 20152015Men3:28.3885Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 5000mItaly, Milan23 August 20152015Men20:11.913Best result
World ChampionshipsK2 1000mRussia, Moscow9 August 20142014Men8
World ChampionshipsK4 1000mRussia, Moscow10 August 20142014Men2:51.4347Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 5000mGermany, Duisburg1 September 20132013Men20:17.5686Best result
World ChampionshipsK2 1000mGermany, Duisburg31 August 20132013Men3:23.0022Best result
World ChampionshipsK4 1000mGermany, Duisburg1 September 20132013Men3:01.3826Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 1000mHungary, Szeged19 August 20112011Men3:42.3145Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 5000mHungary, Szeged21 August 20112011Men20:07.9522Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mPoland, Poznan22 August 20102010Men1:48.0898
World ChampionshipsK1 1000mPoland, Poznan21 August 20102010Men3:30.1283Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 5000mPoland, Poznan21 August 20102010Men20:13.6024Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 5000mRussia, Moscow26 June 20162016Men20:12.423Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsK2 1000mRussia, Moscow25 June 20162016Men3:13.8404Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsK4 1000mRussia, Moscow26 June 20162016Men2:54.6166Latest result
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mCzech Republic, Racice2 May 20152015Men3:36.6124Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 5000mCzech Republic, Racice3 May 20152015Men20:21.5603Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 500mGermany, Brandenburg13 July 20142014Men1:50.7729
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mGermany, Brandenburg12 July 20142014Men3:27.4551Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 5000mGermany, Brandenburg13 July 20142014Men20:15.6705
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mPortugal, Montemor-o-Velho15 June 20132013Men3:35.6459
European ChampionshipsK1 5000mPortugal, Montemor-o-Velho16 June 20132013Men20:06.9634Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 500mCroatia, Zagreb24 June 20122012Men1:40.08410
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mCroatia, Zagreb23 June 20122012Men3:32.0785
European ChampionshipsK1 5000mCroatia, Zagreb24 June 20122012Men20:33.2211Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mSerbia, Belgrade18 June 20112011Men3:25.0292Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 5000mSerbia, Belgrade19 June 20112011Men20:45.6121Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 500mSpain, Trasona4 July 20102010Men1:44.0279
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mSpain, Trasona3 July 20102010Men3:34.1482Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 5000mSpain, Trasona4 July 20102010Men19:55.6071Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mGermany, Brandenburg27 June 20092009Men3:41.3639
European ChampionshipsK2 1000mItaly, Milan17 May 20082008Men18
World CupIndividual Kayak5 June 20162016Men29Latest result
World CupIndividual Kayak23 August 20152015Men21
World CupIndividual Kayak10 August 20142014Men29
World CupIndividual Kayak1 September 20132013Men5Best result
World CupIndividual Kayak3 June 20122012Men4Best result
World CupIndividual Kayak21 August 20112011Men4Best result
World CupIndividual Kayak22 August 20102010Men1Best result
World CupIndividual Kayak7 June 20092009Men15