Fiona Pennie (GBR)

Fiona Pennie (GBR)

GBUnited Kingdom
Canoe Slalom
Date of birth
09 November 1982
169 cm
73 kg
Waltham Abbey, ENG
English, German
Higher education
Loughborough University: England


General Interest

Fi (Facebook profile, 11 Apr 2016)
Golf, playing the drums, DIY, photography, walking her dog, playing hockey. (Facebook page, 13 Apr 2016)
Hero / Idol
British slalom paddler Richard Fox, British rower Steve Redgrave. (, 22 May 2008)
She broke her arm in 2003 and spent four months out of the sport. (NOC, 31 Jul 2008)
Awards and honours
She was named the 2013 Essex Sports Personality of the Year in England. (Facebook page, 07 Sep 2015)

She was named Perth and Kinross Sports Personality of the Year in 2000 and 2010. (Facebook page, 07 Sep 2015)

She was the winner of the 2000 OCS Young Sports Person Award for Scotland. (Facebook page, 07 Sep 2015)

She was named Perth and Kinross Young Sports Personality of the Year in 1998 and 1999. (Facebook page, 07 Sep 2015)
Other sports
She was selected for the Scottish Schools athletics team in 2000 to compete in shot put. (NOC, 31 Jul 2008)
Famous relatives
Her mother Maureen McClure was a Scottish champion sprint paddler. Her father was a national indoor athletics champion in Scotland. (, 22 Aug 2015)
Other information
She receives funding from the UK Sport Podium Programme. The scheme supports athletes who are thought to have the ability to win a medal at the Olympic Games. (, 31 Aug 2015)

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She began paddling seriously in 1992. "My first experience in a kayak was at a few months old. I learned to paddle at age five and I discovered you could go around poles hanging over the water at age nine."
Why this sport?
Her mother competed in sprint paddling at an elite level and encouraged Pennie to try the sport.
Club / Team
CR Cats: Scotland
Name of coach
Mark Ratcliffe [national]
Training Regime
She trains at Lee Valley Canoe Centre in London, England. "Depending on the time of year, I do around 12 sessions a week. That means around 18 hours on the water or in the gym."


World CupK125 July 20042004Women41
Olympic GamesK1Brazil, Rio de Janeiro11 August 20162016Women105.706Latest resultBest result
Olympic GamesK1China, Beijing15 August 20082008Women259.0617
World ChampionshipsK1England, London19 September 20152015Women120.029Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamEngland, London19 September 20152015Women128.062Best result
World ChampionshipsK1United States, McHenry, MD21 September 20142014Women114.972Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamUnited States, McHenry, MD21 September 20142014Women148.308Best result
World ChampionshipsK1Czech Republic, Prague15 September 20132013Women119.9417
World ChampionshipsK1Slovakia, Bratislava10 September 20112011Women114.105Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovakia, Bratislava11 September 20112011Women279.8415
World ChampionshipsK1Slovenia, Tacen11 September 20102010Women161.058Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovenia, Tacen11 September 20102010Women193.5612Best result
World ChampionshipsK1Brazil, Foz do Iguaçu23 September 20072007Women216.607Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamBrazil, Foz do Iguaçu21 September 20072007Women241.423Best result
World ChampionshipsK1Czech Republic, Prague6 August 20062006Women227.412Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamCzech Republic, Prague5 August 20062006Women333.3312Best result
World ChampionshipsK1France, Bourg-Saint-Maurice25 August 20022002Women37
European ChampionshipsK1Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš15 May 20162016Women117.2518Latest result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš15 May 20162016Women124.281Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsK1Germany, Markkleeberg31 May 20152015Women168.0420
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamGermany, Markkleeberg31 May 20152015Women241.1811
European ChampionshipsK1Austria, Vienna1 June 20142014Women97.525Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamAustria, Vienna1 June 20142014Women111.515Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Poland, Kraków9 June 20132013Women91.541Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamPoland, Kraków9 June 20132013Women116.852Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Germany, Augsburg13 May 20122012Women107.023Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamGermany, Augsburg13 May 20122012Women137.216Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Spain, La Seu d'Urgell11 June 20112011Women14
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSpain, La Seu d'Urgell11 June 20112011Women171.064Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Slovakia, Cunovo15 August 20102010Women204.8410
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovakia, Cunovo14 August 20102010Women208.054Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Poland, Kraków10 May 20082008Women11
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamPoland, Kraków9 May 20082008Women253.443Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš16 June 20072007Women249.0910
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš15 June 20072007Women248.393Best result
European ChampionshipsK1France, L'Argentière-la-Bessée2 July 20062006Women243.347Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Slovenia, Tacen26 June 20052005Women233.7210
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovenia, Tacen24 June 20052005Women325.466Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovakia, Bratislava12 July 20022002Women278.084Best result
Pan American ChampionshipsK1Brazil, Foz do Iguaçu18 March 20072007Women229.6510
World CupK111 September 20162016Women9Latest result
World CupK116 August 20152015Women23
World CupK117 August 20142014Women21
World CupK125 August 20132013Women25
World CupK12 September 20122012Women18
World CupK114 August 20112011Women33
World CupK14 July 20102010Women13
World CupK13 August 20092009Women33
World CupK16 July 20082008Women72
World CupK115 July 20072007Women4Best result
World CupK111 June 20062006Women30
World CupK124 July 20052005Women18