Franz Anton (GER)

Franz Anton (GER)

Canoe Slalom
Date of birth
23 October 1989
173 cm
70 kg
Marital status
Wife Rebecca Juttner
Leipzig, GER
Athlete, Police Officer


General Interest

Cycling, travel. (, 15 Feb 2015)
Famous relatives
His brother Albrecht Anton represented Germany in canoe slalom at the 2009 European Championships in Nottingham, England. (, 13 Jul 2014)
To win gold medals in C1 and C2 at both the European and world championships. (, 16 May 2016)

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He began paddling at age nine at the Meissner Canoe Club in Germany.
Why this sport?
He took up the sport with his brother after their mother saw a newspaper article offering a trial session at the canoe club.
Club / Team
LKC Leipziger: Germany
Name of coach
Michael Trummer [national]; Frithjof Bergner [personal]


Olympic GamesC2Brazil, Rio de Janeiro11 August 20162016Men103.584Latest resultBest result
World ChampionshipsC1England, London20 September 20152015Men103.658Best result
World ChampionshipsC2England, London19 September 20152015Men101.171Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamEngland, London20 September 20152015Men110.212Best result
World ChampionshipsC2 TeamEngland, London19 September 20152015Men122.342Best result
World ChampionshipsC1United States, McHenry, MD20 September 20142014Men110.303Best result
World ChampionshipsC2United States, McHenry, MD21 September 20142014Men168.0610
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamUnited States, McHenry, MD20 September 20142014Men129.466Best result
World ChampionshipsC2 TeamUnited States, McHenry, MD21 September 20142014Men154.864Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Czech Republic, Prague15 September 20132013Men110.3514
World ChampionshipsC2Czech Republic, Prague15 September 20132013Men171.5917
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamCzech Republic, Prague15 September 20132013Men119.772Best result
World ChampionshipsC2 TeamCzech Republic, Prague15 September 20132013Men237.969Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Slovenia, Tacen12 September 20102010Men113.3426
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovenia, Tacen12 September 20102010Men106.712Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš14 May 20162016Men112.286Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsC2Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš15 May 20162016Men172.5420Latest result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš14 May 20162016Men135.687Latest result
European ChampionshipsC2 TeamSlovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš15 May 20162016Men142.393Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsC1Germany, Markkleeberg30 May 20152015Men103.078
European ChampionshipsC2Germany, Markkleeberg31 May 20152015Men104.722Best result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamGermany, Markkleeberg30 May 20152015Men122.386Best result
European ChampionshipsC2 TeamGermany, Markkleeberg31 May 20152015Men176.735Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Austria, Vienna31 May 20142014Men94.478
European ChampionshipsC2Austria, Vienna1 June 20142014Men98.025Best result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamAustria, Vienna31 May 20142014Men157.1410
European ChampionshipsC2 TeamAustria, Vienna1 June 20142014Men119.506Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Poland, Kraków8 June 20132013Men102.529
European ChampionshipsC2Poland, Kraków9 June 20132013Men102.6812
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamPoland, Kraków8 June 20132013Men100.532Best result
European ChampionshipsC2 TeamPoland, Kraków9 June 20132013Men118.323Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Slovakia, Cunovo15 August 20102010Men21
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovakia, Cunovo14 August 20102010Men124.154Best result
Oceania Open ChampionshipsC1Australia, Penrith20 February 20162016Men93.1121Latest result
Oceania Open ChampionshipsC2Australia, Penrith20 February 20162016Men106.551Latest resultBest result
Oceania Open ChampionshipsC1Australia, Penrith23 February 20142014Men93.042Best result
Oceania Open ChampionshipsC2Australia, Penrith23 February 20142014Men108.055Best result
Oceania Open ChampionshipsC1Australia, Penrith, NSW25 February 20122012Men16
Oceania Open ChampionshipsC2Australia, Penrith, NSW26 February 20122012Men103.862Best result
World CupC111 September 20162016Men19Latest result
World CupC211 September 20162016Men32Latest result
World CupC116 August 20152015Men12
World CupC216 August 20152015Men11
World CupC117 August 20142014Men18
World CupC217 August 20142014Men2Best result
World CupC125 August 20132013Men10
World CupC225 August 20132013Men8
World CupC12 September 20122012Men17
World CupC22 September 20122012Men5Best result
World CupC113 August 20112011Men46
World CupC14 July 20102010Men30