Mallory Franklin (GBR)

Mallory Franklin (GBR)

GBUnited Kingdom
Canoe Slalom
Date of birth
19 June 1994
179 cm
69 kg
Windsor, ENG
Athlete, Student
Higher education
Loughborough University/University of Bedfordshire: Loughborough, ENG


General Interest

Canoeing. (, 31 Aug 2015)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning a gold medal at the 2013 U23 European Championships in Bourg St Maurice, France. (, 09 Jun 2015)
She suffered a knee injury in September 2014 when she tried to do a human plank exercise on a pole and slipped. It did not prevent her from competing in the 2014 World Championships in Deep Creek, MD, United States. (, 16 Sep 2014)

She has a long-standing back problem, a fracture on one of the joints that comes off the spine, that flared up at the 2013 U23 European Championships in Macedonia. (, 16 Sep 2014)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I guess I have one main goal in my canoeing career, I would be happy with my career if I could look back and say I did my best in every situation and worked my hardest to do my absolute best. As anyone in the sport does, I do have a goal to go to the Olympics and hopefully win a gold medal, but I am heavily of the opinion that if you base all your happiness on an outcome, you risk never being happy." (, 09 Jun 2015)
Awards and honours
She was named the 2012 Luton Sports Women of the Year. (, 30 Aug 2015)
Famous relatives
Her brother, Zak, is also a member of the British senior team in canoe slalom. (, 29 Jun 2015)
To win a gold medal at the Olympic Games.(, 09 Jun 2015)
Other information
She is supported by the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme [TASS], and the UK Sport Podium Potential Programme, which support athletes who have medal-winning chances at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (, 01 Sep 2011;, 31 Aug 2015)

At age 12 she was promoted to compete in the UK's canoe-slalom Premier Division, which at the time made her the youngest ever British female to compete at that level. (, 27 Jul 2010)

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She began paddling at age five.
Club / Team
Windsor and District Canoe Club: England
Name of coach
Craig Morris [national]
Training Regime
"I train around 20 hours a week including gym, cardio and on-water sessions in my boat. I train mostly at home [in Windsor] although I travel to Lee Valley White Water Centre for my whitewater sessions and gym."


World ChampionshipsC1England, London20 September 20152015Women130.987Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamEngland, London20 September 20152015Women153.724Best result
World ChampionshipsK1United States, McHenry, MD21 September 20142014Women119.8331
World ChampionshipsC1United States, McHenry, MD20 September 20142014Women138.782Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamUnited States, McHenry, MD20 September 20142014Women181.832Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamUnited States, McHenry, MD21 September 20142014Women148.308Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Czech Republic, Prague15 September 20132013Women139.082Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamCzech Republic, Prague15 September 20132013Women208.674Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Slovakia, Bratislava11 September 20112011Women225.259Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Slovenia, Tacen12 September 20102010Women181.797Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš14 May 20162016Women126.273Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš14 May 20162016Women185.031Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsC1Germany, Markkleeberg30 May 20152015Women125.852Best result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamGermany, Markkleeberg30 May 20152015Women161.193Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Austria, Vienna31 May 20142014Women161.8814Best result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamAustria, Vienna31 May 20142014Women140.281Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamAustria, Vienna1 June 20142014Women111.515Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Poland, Kraków8 June 20132013Women183.4914Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Germany, Augsburg12 May 20122012Women130.292Best result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamGermany, Augsburg12 May 20122012Women2:10.093Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Spain, La Seu d'Urgell12 June 20112011Women190.949Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Slovakia, Cunovo15 August 20102010Women293.306Best result
World CupK111 September 20162016Women45Latest result
World CupC111 September 20162016Women1Latest resultBest result
World CupC116 August 20152015Women21
World CupK117 August 20142014Women31
World CupC117 August 20142014Women3Best result
World CupK125 August 20132013Women49
World CupC125 August 20132013Women5Best result
World CupC12 September 20122012Women9Best result
World CupK114 August 20112011Women55
World CupC113 August 20112011Women7Best result
World CupC14 July 20102010Women9Best result