Sustainability in the ICF Canoe Freestyle World Championshipps 2022

Please complete this simple google form to log all travel details for yourself / if you are a team
leader complete it for all team members. The accreditation team will check to see if the form is
completed, if you do not fill this out ahead of time you will be asked to complete it before finishing
the accreditation. To save time, please complete this beforehand.

Why we are asking for this information

Events release high levels of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. This imbalance of
greenhouse gases contributes to the warming of the planet, causes drastic changes to our weather
patterns and changes the way many of us live.
As Environmental Action partners, ICF and Starboard work together to make the travel emissions of
every ICF World Championship or World Cup climate neutral by planting 1 mangrove tree for every 1
tonne identified in calculations. This action grows bigger for each SUP World Championship event,
where 10 mangroves will be planted for every 1 tonne emitted. Over the next 20-25 years,
mangroves will absorb the amount emitted from these events. Look at last year's carbon footprint
report here. Thank you for helping us in our mission!