7 - 11 September 2016
Ljubljana - Tacen
ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup Tacen, Slovenia

Live stream

LIVE : Finals K1W, C2M - Tacen 2016

Event highlights

10 September 2016

Kauzer first in K1M Semifinal

Peter Kauzer (SLO) lit up the semifinal of the K1M with a blisteringly quick perfomance over the shorterned 14-Gate course in Tacen.

10 September 2016

Cracked Concreate Delays Racing

The concrete has cracked on the recently refurbished final section of the Tacen course, for safety reasons the course will now be shortened by six gates resulting in compact 14 gate course for the end of the semifinals and finals.

10 September 2016

Slafkovsky and four benifit from shortened course

Officials have decided to increase the C1M final to 15 instead of 10 due to the issue at the bottom of the course where concrete cracked and made it unsafe to continue to compete. This may have had an impact on the C1M semifinal results so an additional five competitors have been provided the benefit of the doubt and are now on the extended start list of the final. This includes Alexander Slafkovsky (SVK) who is the current series leader.

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