Canoe Slalom

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DocumentReview datePDF versionNeeded ?

ICF ranking Competition

World Championships / World Cup
Gate Judge Form (individual event - 8 boats per page)Oct 2019linkYES (or 3 boats per page)NO
Gate Judge Form (Individual event - 3 boats per page)Oct 2019linkYES (or 8 boats per page)NO
Gate Judge Form (team event)Oct 2019link YES if organised NO
Back-up Scorer Form
Oct 2019link Only if SPI system is usedYES
Back-up Scorer Form (team event)
Oct 2019linkNOYES
Start Judge or Finish JudgeOct 2019linkYESYES
Change of PenaltyOct 2019linkNot needed where SPI system is usedNO
Enquiry LogOct 2019linkYESYES
Equipment Control FailureOct 2019linkYESYES
DisqualificationOct 2019link YES YES
EnquiryOct 2019link YESYES
ProtestOct 2019link YESYES
Appeal to the JuryOct 2019link YESYES
Cash receiptOct 2019link  YESYES