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The International Canoe Federation is hoping to encourage professional and recreational paddlers all over the world to participate in our virtual competition and take on a two and five kilometre paddle challenge to not only stay active, but to raise money for the incredibly important work of Peace and Sport.

Virtual competition requirements

There are two important stipulations; all participants must follow the rules in their own country to help prevent the spread of the virus, and each paddler must be able to accurately measure their distance and time.

On sea/lake, the full distance should be paddled as half in one direction and the second half opposite direction with at least one 180 degree turn. On river/creek, full distance can be done in one direction without having to return. For 2K distance, paddlers only have to go in one direction (point A to B) whether on Lake/Sea or River/Creek. Can't get on water? Join us on your Ergometer!

Read the full rules here

How to participate

Please be aware that there will be two separate registrations. 5K registration page and 2K registration page. All participants are asked to make a voluntary donation to Peace and Sport. Every paddler who makes a donation and share #ICFpaddlechallenge on their social media will have the chance to win a prize, including RTM Kayak and official #ICFpaddlechallenge T-shirts!

Enter 2K    Enter 5K
Where to upload your results

After you've registered, you can upload your time in the below two links where you'll be able to see your current standings compared to other paddlers.

2K Competition Results   5K Competition Results


Win Prizes & Share

Every paddler who makes a donation to Peace and Sport, share using #ICFpaddlechallenge and tag @PlanetCanoe on social media will have the chance to win a prize. Thanks to the generosity of Rotomod, the official ICF Paddle Challenge sponsor, we will be giving out one of their finest Disco + Kayaks each week! 

To be in with a chance complete these steps:

  1. Enter and donate to Peace and Sport
  2. Complete the challenge and upload your results
  3. Share a photo or video on social using #ICFpaddlechallenge and tag @PlanetCanoe
Share your results and challenge your mates

Get your friends and clubmates involved. Share your participation on social media, challenge your friends and tag @PlanetCanoe #ICFpaddlechallenge to be featured here! (multimedia tab above). Follow PlanetCanoe on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for updates.

Prize Winners
Week 1
10–16 August
Thomas Rommel (Germany)
Kimberly Riggle (USA)
Mike Mcoy (USA)
Marcus Koh (Singapore)
Bill Gardner (USA)
Kremena Ilcheva (Bulgaria)
RTM Kayak
ICF Paddle Challege T-shirt
Week 2
17–23 August
John MacLeod (UK)
Patrick Wellner (USA)
Gary Creed (Australia)
Taylor Vanwarmer (USA)
Volha Klimava (Belarus)
Luicano Ponce (Brazil)
RTM Kayak
ICF Paddle Challege T-shirt
Week 3
24–30 August
John McAdam (UK)
Ivan Hindalov (Bulgaria)
Ursu Stefanica (Romania)
Dagmar Taucher (Austria)
Sonja Hackl (Austria)
Stanev Emanuil (Bulgaria)
RTM Kayak
ICF Paddle Challege T-shirt
Week 4
31 Aug–6 Sep
Gerardo Secco (Italy)
Marcis Laidins (Latvia)
Hanna Cornford (USA)
Francisco Rodriguez Casal (Spain)
Stephane Breton (France)
Malina Trifescu (Romania)
RTM Kayak
ICF Paddle Challege T-shirt


Peace and Sport, the international organisation based in Monaco, which promotes peace using the power of sport, will partner with the International Canoe Federation to raise funds for its field programs through the “ICF Paddle Challenge”. 

Peace and Sport is identified as charity partner as its mission to build peaceful communities through the power of sport, and thereby create a safer, more equitable and inclusive world is in line with the ICF’s willingness to combine sport practice with social engagement in the framework of the “Paddle Challenge” events. As such, participants to the challenge will have the opportunity to make donations while they register to the event

“We are thrilled to be the ICF’s charity partner for the Paddle Challenge," Joël Bouzou, Peace and Sport president and founder, said.

"This event is not just about the performance, it is also about getting mobilised for solidarity. Participants will have the opportunity to make donations and become change makers.

"Every contribution, no matter the amount, will support our daily peace-through-sport activities for children in France, Jordan and Burundi. This fundraising initiative is an example for other sport organisations willing to engage in social development and peace.”

Peace and Sport Logo Colour

Enter 2K    Enter 5K

Read the full rules here and if you still have any questions about the ICF #ICFpaddlechallenge, please contact entries@canoeicf.com 


Thanks to our prize sponsor Rotomod and promotional partner Kayak Session

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