19 March 2024

British Canoeing has changed its name to Paddle UK, heralding a new era for the national governing body.

The new name and brand identity were agreed by the organisation’s Board after consulting its paddling community, partners and stakeholders over the past two years.

As well as this change, the Paddle England brand has been launched while the Scottish Canoe Association, Canoe Wales and Canoe Association of Northern Ireland are also in the process of changing their names and identities.

Paddle UK said the new name reflects the demographics of its evolving membership and is far more inclusive, capturing more fully the breadth of paddling activity that falls under its responsibility.

It was found that 85 per cent of the organisation’s members are recreational paddlers who take part in paddling activities for fun, enjoyment and to be close to nature.

The body’s membership has grown to around 90,000 with more than 50,000 of those registering an interest in Stand Up Paddling.

“Following a robust process to consider if our previous brand was fit for purpose, I am delighted to confirm that the organisation will become Paddle UK,” said Professor John Coyne, Chair of Paddle UK.

“As an NGB Plus, our development and growth in recreational paddling has continued to be on more places to paddle, better, cleaner spaces to paddle and the promotion of safer paddling.

“These key areas of work continue to develop alongside supporting our competition disciplines and performance programmes, who we are incredibly proud of.

“All of our members paddle, but not everyone does the sport.

“So Paddle UK aims to be representative and inclusive of all paddle activities and sports.

“I look forward to seeing Paddle UK develop as we commence this new chapter for the organisation and very much hope we will represent Every Paddler, Every Craft, For Every Type of Water.”

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