Olympic champion Ed Mckeever will miss the opportunity to defend his K1M 200m gold following a disappointing end to his qualification charge at the 2016 Euro Olympic Qualifiers in Duisburg, Germany

The Olympic champ has struggled to regain the form that saw him victorious four years ago and today finished a lackluster fifth, a position that sees his hopes of defending gold in Rio vanish.

Spain’s Saúl Craviotto was the quickest to the 200 metre mark, but having already qualfied for the K2 earlier he provided both Hungary’s Bence Horvath and Italy's Manfredi Rizza the chance of possible a trip to Rio should they gain their nations backing.

Sabine Voltz (GER) stole the show in front of a home crowd in the K1W 200m.  The talented German stopped-the-clock in a time of 41.470.

However, as with Craviotto, her earlier efforts had already secured a Rio quota so both Sweden’s Linnea Stensils and Martina Kohlovátak from Slovakia also gained an Olympic slot.

The Hungarian duo of Tibor Ufnágel and Bence Dombvári crossed the line first in the K1M 1000m and took the single Olympic place left in the class.

It was the end of a perfect day for Dombvári who earlier won the individual 1000m dash. 

The European silver medallist, Alfonso Benavides added to Spain’s Olympic quota with victory in the C1M 200m.

Leonid Carp and Stephan Strat (ROU), plus Jaroslav Radon and Filip Dvorak (CZE) secured the two remaining Olympic places in the C2M 1000m.


UNOFFICIAL OLYMPIC QUOTAS (full confirmation of quotas to be sent to NOCs within 14 days)

K1 M 200m
Saúl Craviotto (ESP) 34.615 > already qualified from K2 M 200m 

Bence Horvath (HUN) 35.077 >  Reached maximum nation quota 8
Manfredi Rizza (ITA) 35.094 Qualified
Aleksejs Rumjancevs (LAT) 35.215 Qualified

K2 M 200m

Saúl Cravitto/Cristian Toro (ESP) Qualified
Dzmitry Tratsiakou / Taras Valko (BLR)
Michele Bertolini / Riccardo Cecchini (ITA)

K1 M 1000m

Bence Dombvári (HUN) 03:35.307 > already qualified from K2 M1000m

Roman Anoshkin (RUS) 03:35.695 Qualified

Marcus Walz (ESP) 03:35.754 Qualified

K2 M 1000m
Tibor Ufnágel / Bence Dombvári (HUN) 03:13.223 Qualified
Oleh Kukharyk / Vitaliy Tsurkan (UKR) 03:13.575
Gabriel Campo / MILLÁN, Rubén Millán (ESP) 03:18.009

C1 M 200m 

Alfonso Benavides (ESP) 39.245 Qualified
Zaza Nadiradze (GEO) 40.013 Qualified

Thomas Simart (FRA)    40.140

C1 M 1000m

Leonid Carp (ROU) 03:58.288 > already qualified in C2 M 1000m

Carlo Tacchici (ITA) 03:59.490 Qualified

Angel Kodinov (BUL) 04:01.069 Qualified

C2 M 1000m
Leonid CARP / Stephan STRAT (ROU) Qualified
Jaroslav Radon / Filip Dvorak (CZE) 02:42.69 Qualified
Oleg Tarnovschi / Oleg Nuta (MDA) 02:42.16

K1 W 200m
Sabine Volz (GER) 41.470 > GER already qualified in K1 W 500m
Linnea Stensils (SWE) 41.509 Qualified
Martina Kohlová (SVK) 42.081 > already qualified in K1 W 500m
Francisca Laia (POR) 42.09 Qualified

K1 W 500m
Sabrina Hering (GER) 01:55.378  Qualified

Martina Kohlová (SVK) 01:55.677 Qualified

Yvonne Schuring (AUT) 01:56.864      

K2 W 500
Karin Johansson / Sofia Paldanius (SWE) Qualified

Ana Roxana Lehaci  / Viktoria Schwarz (AUT)
Lani Belcher / Angela Hannah (GBR)

Canoe Sprint