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On the second day of the national World Cup qualification of the German slalom-canoeists, only Sideris Tasiadis in the Canadier-Einstein could repeat his victory from the previous day. The Augsburger can thus relax with the conclusion of the races in a week on the domestic ice channel.

The Olympic silver medalist from London and fifth placegetter in Rio finished ahead of the world champion of the C2, Franz Anton. Anton's partner, Jan Benzien paddled third in the second race. 

"The course was very long today, the ten seconds difference to other people you have already noticed on the water", explained the 26-year-old about the special effort for the crisply suspended course with a maximum possible 25 gates. 

"I am very happy about this start in the qualification, I would not have thought that was going so well. In the post-Olympic year, I've already screwed the scopes back to give body and head regeneration."

All other categories saw new winners in Markkleeberg on Sunday. This included Fabian Schweikert (Waldkirch), who was third in the field yesterday, ahead of Sebastian Schubert (Hamm), the first day's champion to be able to make his entry into the German A team for the first time in a week. 

"I wanted to be among the top three as I did yesterday, to get a good start to the qualifying, that it works with a win is all the better," Schweikert said. 

"It is only half-time, there can still be a lot happening - but this is definitely a good starting point."

In the third place, Hannes Aigner (Augsburg), the London Olympics bronze medallist, and the fourth of Rio, also secured his chances of winning the World Cup.

In the women's K1, Lisa Fritsche, the Halleian, paddled to the Tagessieg. She relegated Ricarda Funk (Bad Kreuznach), second in the world championship and a winner in race one on Saturday, to second place, and third to Jasmin Schornberg (Hamm). These three women hold the best cards to the German A-Team at half time. 

"Even if it was a very hard track today, it was very nice to drive. With this very good feeling, I now also go to Augsburg," Lisa Fritsche beamed.

"But two races is not the finish."

In the women's C1 the experienced Lena Stöcklin (Leipzig) won this time before the younger competition. Birgit Ohmayer (Augsburg) drove to second place, while yesterday's winner, Andrea Herzog (Leipzig), collected too many penalty times with six goal touches and landed third despite the best driving time. 

"I am surprised, I have never had such a good start in a qualification," Lena Stöcklin rejoiced, "It looks like this is going to be exciting in Augsburg. The ice channel is already a bit of my hobby, but I definitely feel well prepared."

The remaining two races will be held this weekend. After four competitions, all the athletes can score their worst result, the three best place wins. The best three boats will compete at the World Championships in Pau (France) at the end of September.


Results, national World Cup qualification, race 2 of 4 in Markkleeberg

Men's kayaks: 1. Fabian Schweikert (KCE Waldkirch) 106,49 (0), 2. Sebastian Schubert (KR Hamm) 106,66 (2), 3. Hannes Aigner (Augsburg KV) 108,16 (0) , 4. Thomas Strauß (Augsburger KV) 109.33 (0), 5. Tobias Kargl (KK Rosenheim) 109.34 (0), 6. Paul Böckelmann (Leipziger KC) 110.17 (6). 

The score *: 1. Schubert 2, 2nd Schweikert 3, 3. Strauss 9, 4. Alexander Grimm (KS Augsburg) 10, 5. Aigner 10, 6. Böckelmann 12 

Canadian-One: 1. Sideris Tasiadis (KS Augsburg) 109, 69 (0), 2. Franz Anton (Leipziger KC) 112,26 (2), 3 Jan Benzien (Leipziger KC) 112,53 (0), 4. Nico Bettge (Leipziger KC) 114,69 (2 ), 5. Leon Hanika (Leipziger KC) 116.88 (2), 6. Dennis Söter (KS Augsburg) 117.39 (4). 

Intermediate *: 1. Tasiadis 0, 2. Anton 4, 3. Bettge 7, 4. Benzien 9, 5. Hanika 14, 6. Robert Behling (MSV Buna Schkopau) 14.

Women's K1: 1. Lisa Fritsche (Halle / S.) 118,34 (2), 2. Ricarda Funk (KSV Bad Kreuznach) 118,75 2, 3. Jasmin Schornberg (KR Hamm) 123.52 (2), 4. Selina Jones (KS Augsburg) 131.10 (6), 5. Ann Kathrin Schwanholt (KCF Magdeburg) 132.01 (2), 6. Caroline Trompeter (SKG Hanau) 132.23 (4). * * * 

Standings: 1. Funk 2, 2. Fritsche 3, 3. Schornberg 5, 4. Jones 12, 5. Trompeter 13, 6. Fee Maxeiner (KSV Bad Kreuznach) 14. 

Women / Juniors, C1: 1. Lena 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 146.51 (4), 5. Zoe Jakob (KV Schwerte) 148.02 (4), 6. Lena Holl (Augsburger KV) 161.04 (10). 

Intermediate *: Juniors, kayaks: 1. Lukas Stahl (KR Hamm) 112.40 (0), 2. Tim Bremer (KST Rhine-Ruhr) 115.28 (2), 3. Noah Hegge (KS Augsburg) 116.62 2). Intermediate *: 1. Steel and Hegge 3, 3. Bremer 7. Canadier 

-One: 1. Lennard Tuchscherer (Leipzig KC) 121,91 (4), 2. Leo Braune (BSV Halle / S.) 126,06 (2 ), 3. Eric Borrmann (BSV Halle / S.) 128.51 (0). 

The score *: 1. Tuchscherer 0, 2. Brown 6, 3. Borrmann 6th 

Junior Women Kayak Single: 1. Andrea Herzog (Leipzig KC) 129.74 (6), 2. Nele Bayn (Leipzig KC) 132.33 (0), 3. Lena Holl (Augsburger KV) 135,16 (2). 

Intermediate *: 1. Duke 2, 2. Holl 3, 3. Bayn 8.

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