Germany finish with flourish in Bratislava

Germany has dominated the teams competition on the final day of the ICF Junior and U23 Canoe Slalom World Championships in Bratislava, winning four out of a possible eight titles.

But the Czech Republic was the most successful nation for the entire World Championships, winning the Nations Cup ahead of host nation, Slovakia, with Germany third.

The Germans were particularly strong in the junior teams competition on the final day, winning the women’s K1 and C1, as well as the men’s K1. The also won the men’s U23 K1 title.

The Czech Republic picked up three titles, in the women’s U23 K1, men’s U23 C1, and men’s junior C1.

Under the team competition, three paddlers from each nation have to complete the course, with the time taken from when the final paddler crosses the line. Even if just one paddler touches or misses a gate, the entire team is penalised.

The only other nation to pick up a medal on the final day was Great Britain, with their women’s U23 C1 team finishing ahead of Spain and the Czech Republic.

As well as three gold medals, Czech teams picked up bronze medals in the junior C1 women and K1 men, along with their third in the U23 C1 women.

Spain finished the day with three silver medals, Great Britain had two silvers to add to their gold, and France finished with one silver and three bronze medals.



C1W – 1. GBR 2. ESP 3. CZE

K1M – 1. GER 2. SLO 3. FRA

K1W – 1. CZE 2. GBR 3. AUS

C1M – 1. CZE 2. GBR 3. FRA


C1W – 1. GER 2. SVK 3. CZE

K1M – 1. GER 2. ESP 3. CZE

K1W – 1. GER 2. FRA 3. SLO

C1M – 1. CZE 2. ESP 3. FRA


1. CZE (331 points) 2. SVK (221) 3. GER (167)

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