Italy’s Vincenzo Manobianco has added his name to the Guinness World Records after putting judges in a spin with his Stand Up Paddling skills. 

Manobianco entered the world record books when he produced 20 rotations in one minute on a SUP board. 

The 34-year-old, who registered the attempt in a swimming pool in Bari, Italy in front of official judges and timekeepers, broke the previous record which stood at 17 spins. 

It is the latest achievement for Manobianco who won three national titles in 2023 and competed at last year’s International Canoe Federation SUP World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand. 

“I was close to doing 21 rotations,” Manobianco told Italian newspaper La Repubblica. 

“Who knows, maybe it will be the starting point for a next attempt. 

“I started [SUP] in 2017 but I had already been canoeing since 2002. 

“I turned to SUP because it allows you to always go out to sea, it’s more fun. 

“I started and then, s they say, appetite comes with eating and I made it my job. 

“Now I’m a coach who coaches in Bari.”

Picture by Antonio Di Cosola

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