From 30th June to 2nd July 2017, the Kanupark at the Markkleeberger See will be the host of this year’s third ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup.

About 250 athletes from 36 nations will demonstrate their skills in the furious waves and eddies of the artificial white water channel. In total, six disciplines will be represented at the competition: the four Olympic disciplines (K1 M/W, C1 M/W), the C2 M event and C2 Mix, which was reintroduced this season.

Another novelty is the Sparkassen Extreme Canoe Slalom with four boats competing against each other at the same time. The rules are simple and a sure recipe for stunning head-to-head action: mass start from a ramp and the first one to cross the finish line wins.

While ensuring top-level competitions has top priority, the organising committee also aims at creating an event that will make both, spectators and athletes, yearn for more, e.g. world championships in Markkleeberg (an application will follow…).

Specials include:

• Four-sided video cube on the island (first-time feature)

• Sparkassen Extreme Canoe Slalom with starting ramp and free fall of the athletes

• Hands-on activities organised by the Deutsche Sporthilfe and large play area for children

• Opening ceremony at the Kanupark (29th June 2017, 6 p.m.) with breakdancing, gymnastics and music from Richard Istel

• Fencing performance presented by Olympic Champion Jörg Fiedler

A big thank you goes to the Audi Zentrum Leipzig for providing 2000 rubber ducks, which will be sent on a ride through the waves of the white water channel. The ducks can be purchased on the spot for 2€ each and the owners of the three fastest ducks will be rewarded with attractive prizes. All proceeds of the duck sale will be donated to the “Kinder Arche Sachsen” in Markkleeberg.

At the marquee of the Deutsche Sporthilfe, fans and spectators will have the opportunity to meet and chat with the athletes and to get autographs.

“We always strive for attracting many visitors with our events” says a confident Frithjof Bergner, head of the Canoe Club Leipzig and adds “We are keen to prove that our sport is incredibly thrilling”.

Competitors from Leipzig:

Our local athletes are looking forward to demonstrating their skills on their home course. Winning a medal might not be possible for each of them, but they are well prepared and highly motivated to give it their best shot. The following athletes from Leipzig will participate in the World Cup:

C1 Women - Andrea Herzog, Lena Stöcklin

C1 Men - Franz Anton, Nico Bettge

C2 Men - Franz Anton / Jan Benzien, David Schröder / Nico Bettge

For Andrea Herzog it is going to be the first-ever World Cup run. To enable an ideal preparation for the Junior World Championships in Bratislava in mid-July, the young athlete will not compete in the first two races of this year’s World Cups season. Hence she is even more excited to race in Markkleeberg:

“Knowing every inch of the course and the current is a clear advantage. We are very aware of what we are capable of when racing here and this is why it feels more relaxed than usual”.

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