Olympic water quality not a problem, Tokyo 2020 confirms

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is doing everything possible, to prepare a venue that satisfies all relevant international federation (IF) standards and where athletes can achieve their best performances during the Games. 

Water quality at the Sea Forest Waterway, the sprint canoe and rowing venue, is currently not an issue. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government already conducted environmental impact assessments from 2014 to 2016, and the results generally endorse the water quality from relevant IF-standard perspectives. We provided the IOC and the IFs with all of the resulting data. At the Sea Forest Waterway, precautionary work including construction of water-end dikes and floodgates is underway, however. The IOC intends to closely monitor the quality of the water after this work is completed, and we will share the resulting information with them and the international federations.

In Odaiba Marine Park, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is planning to test multiple-layer underwater screens this summer to help ensure adequate water quality during the Games. Based on the results achieved, we will consider any further operational measures that may be required, including amendments to event dates in response to weather conditions. In this regard we will continue to work with the IOC and the international federations.

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