The second day of action at the 2016 ICF Paracanoe world championships provided some exceptional results with times continueing to tumble as the sport shapes up for its introduction into the Paralympic Games later this year in Rio. 

Great Britain’s Ian Marsden, twice a world silver medallist, won his semifinal in the KL1 M 200m and qualified along with multiple world champion Fernando Fernandes (BRA).

Last season’s champion, Luis Carlos Cardoso Da Silva (BRA) will be the number one going into tomorrow's final and with Fernandes will look to maintain their nation's strangle hold on the event – Brazil have won five out of the six world championships.

China's Maosan Xie was the fastest in the KL1 W 200m but will have to overcome a strong line-up that includes multiple world champion, Jeanette Chippington (GBR) and top contender Edina Müller (GER).

Federico Mancarella (ITA) won his heat in the KL2 M 200m; however, Dejan Fabcic (SLO) and Maykola Syniuk (UKR) were both quicker in the second semifinal with just one-hundredth-of-a-second separating the pair at the finish line.

In the final they will have to face the formidable Markus Mendy Swoboda (AUT), an athlete who has won every KL2 M 200m world title since the first championship in 2010.

2013 VL2 M 200m world champion, Javier Reja (ESP) made a successful transition from Va’a to Kayak and secured his position in tomorrow’s KL2 M 200m final.

China's Wang Daquin qualified strongly from the KL2W 200m semifinal, but will need to step up a level for the final with world champions Emma Wiggs (GBR) and Christine Gauthier (CAN) in the mix.

KL3 M 200m is shaping up to be a spectacular final with world champions Tom Kierey (GER) and Caio Carvalho De Ribeiro (BRA) and a host of other athletes all setting times around the 40-second mark on their way to the final.

In the KL3 W 200m Brazil's Christina Mari Santilli overhauled Kelly Allen from the USA by the slimmest of margins, but both did enough to secure a final position.

Danzig Norberg (USA, VL2 M 200m) and Jamey Parks (USA, VL3 M 200m) also won their respective semifinals to secure a safe passage to the Thursday final.