Two-time Olympian Ana Satila has led a rampant Brazil sweep of all but one of the ten senior gold medals up for grabs at the Pan American Canoe Slalom and Extreme Slalom Championships at the weekend.

Satila picked up three individual gold medals on Brazil’s Trés Coroas course, winning the women’s C1, K1 and extreme slalom finals.

Mathieu Desnos won the men’s K1 for Brazil, countryman Fabio Schena the men’s extreme slalom, and the host country also won all four team events.

USA’s Zachary Lokken was all that stood in the way of a Brazilian clean sweep, with the American snaring gold in the men’s C1. He held out Brazil’s Charles Correa and Argentina’s Sebastian Rossi to take the top spot on the podium.

Satila is one of the most improved paddlers in the world, and underlined her potential with a massive 15-second victory in the women’s C1. Teammate Omira Estacia Neta picked up six seconds in penalties which blew out the margin, while fellow Brazilian Marina Souza Costa was third.

It was the same podium in the women’s K1, with Satila this time putting 3.39 seconds between herself and Estacia Neta.

Brazil filled out the top five places in the men’s K1 final, with Desnos finishing 1.63 seconds ahead of Murillo Sorgetz, with Fabio Rodrigues third.

The 2019 Pan American Canoe Slalom and Extreme Slalom Championships also doubled as a qualifying event for this year’s Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

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