Germany’s Conrad Scheibner won his second world title of the weekend and Hungary picked up four gold medals to finish well clear on top of the leaderboard on the final day of competition at the ICF canoe sprint world championships in Copenhagen.

Scheibner added the non-Olympic C1 500 title to the 1000 metre title he won 24 hours earlier to finish the world championships as the only individual two-time champion.

“I’m really glad I took the opportunity to race here, and to win two gold medals makes the season a whole lot better after I was quite disappointed in Tokyo,” Scheibner said.

“But it also makes me ready for the next three years, and I really hope there is more to come. I’ve proved to myself I really can withstand this type of programme.”

In a repeat of Saturday’s result, Czech Martin Fuksa finished second, while Moldovia’s Oleg Tarnovschi was third.

Hungary dominated the final three events on the world championship programme, winning the men’s and women’s K1 5000 and the men’s C1 5000, and adding the mixed K2 200 to take their overall gold medal tally to six, with 18 medals altogether.

The 5000 metre gold medals went to Balazs Adolf in the men’s C1, ending a run of six world titles for German legend Sebastian Brendel. Emese Kohalmi won the women’s K1, and Balint Noe in the men’s K1. The only non-Hungarian to win a 500 metre gold was Belarus’s Volha Klimava in the women’s C1.

Belarus finished second on the overall table with four gold medals and eight medals overall, with Ukraine third with three gold and five in total.

One of Belarus’s gold medals came in the women’s C4 500, with Alena Nazdrova, Nadzeya Makarchanka, Aliaksandra Kalaur and Volha Klimava beating Hungary and Ukraine for the title. Teammate Mikita Borykau won the men’s K1 500

Italy’s Andrea Di Liberto won the men’s K1 200, and Spain’s Patricia Coco and Maria Corbera the women’s C2 500.

In the mixed events, the Russian Canoe Federation’s Irina Andreeva and Ivan Shtyl won the C2 200, while Anna Lucz and Kolos Csizmadia contributed to Hungary’s six gold medals with a win in the K2 200.

Pics by Bence Vekassy

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