A total of 24 countries from five continents have confirmed canoe slalom quotas for next year’s Olympic Games in Paris.

The quotas were earned at the ICF Slalom World Championships at Lee Valley in London, and the European Championships in Krakow. The remaining continental qualifiers will be held early next year.

Seven countries qualified athletes in all four categories – men’s and women’s K1 and C1. Six countries qualified just one quota, including Morocco, China, Ukraine and Andorra.

The full list of country quota allocations can be found here.

Among those who are guaranteed to have a full complement of athletes in Paris are the slalom powerhouse nations of Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia and host nation France.

The remaining continental qualifiers will be held as follows;

Asia: Tokyo, Japan, October 26-29.

Oceania: Penrith, Australia, January 26-28 2024

Africa: TBC

Pan-American: Rio de Janiero, March 15-17, 2024

At the continental qualifiers one quota can be earned in each of the four categories. However, athletes who have already earned a quota at the world championships will be ineligible to earn more quotas. Likewise, if a country has already earned a quota in a category, it cannot earn another quota at the continental championships.

Three quotas for both the men’s and women’s kayak cross will be up for grabs in Prague on June 7-9 next year. Only athletes who have not yet earned a quota will be able to compete for the three positions.

A total of 82 quotas will be allocated for Paris – 41 for both men and women. There will be 21 each for the men’s and women’s K1, and 17 each for the men’s and women’s C1. Although only three quotas will be allocated for kayak cross for both men and women, athletes competing in K1 and C1 will e permitted to compete in the debut of kayak cross in Paris.

However each country will be allowed only two male and two female athletes.

It is up to each country to determine which athletes will fill the quotas for Paris 2024.


Andorra – WC1

Australia – WC1, WK1, MK1

Austria – WK1, MK1

Brazil – WC1, WK1

China – MK1

Croatia – MC1

Czech Republic – WC1, MC1, WK1, MK1

Spain – WC1, MC1, WK1, MK1

France – WC1, MC1, WK1, MK1

Great Britain – WC1, MC1, WK1, MK1

Germany – WC1, MC1, WK1

Ireland – MC1, WK1, MK1

Italy – WC1, MC1, WK1, MK1

Japan – WK1, MK1

Morocco – MK1

Netherlands – MC1, WK1

New Zealand – WK1, MK1

Poland – MC1, WK1, MK1

Slovenia – WC1, MC1, WK1, MK1

Switzerland – WK1, MK1

Slovakia – WC1, MC1, WK1, MK1

Sweden – MK1

Ukraine – WC1

USA – WC1, MC1

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