The ICF encourages all National Federations to enter Va’a events at the upcoming World Canoe Sprint & Paracanoe Championships in Racice in August.  The deadline for Paracanoe Nominal Entries is fifteen days before the start of the Competition,  AUGUST 8th.  

Our application for the inclusion of Va’a events in Tokyo 2020 will be much strengthened when Va’a events have high participation numbers.  If a National Federation is leaving any Va’a athlete at home for cost reasons, please contact John Edwards with a request for financial support by Aug 6th:  jhedwards@canoekayak.ca

Support for female Va’a Paracanoe athletes will be preferential.

Any NF requiring a classification in order for an athlete to compete in Va’a events needs to contactparacanoeclassifiers@outlook.com asap to arrange a classification slot.  Required documents also need to be sent in asap.

NOTE: all va’a athletes with “Review” Status do not require re-classification for the 2017 World Championships”

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