Maialen Chourraut (ESP)

Maialen Chourraut (ESP)

Canoe Slalom
Date of birth
08 March 1983
161 cm
55 kg
Marital status
Husband Xabier Extaniz, daughter Ane [2013]
La Seu d'Urgell, ESP
Higher education
Business Administration - Catholic University of Murcia [UCAM]: Spain


General Interest

In 2004 and 2005 she underwent operations on both her shoulders. She was unable to train for several months. (, 04 Aug 2008)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I love the sliding in this sport. I am hooked on that feeling. Regarding the pressure, it is difficult to have more pressure from others than the pressure I put on myself. I like it and I need it and that is why I suffer a lot in competitions. But being among the favourites is a good sign.” (, 15 Feb 2016)
Awards and honours
She was named the 2015 Athlete of the Year in Guipuzkoa, Spain. (, 04 Jan 2016)

She was named the 2015 Canoeist of the Year by the Royal Spanish Canoe Federation [RFEP]. (, 31 Jan 2016)

In 2015 she received the Sabino Arana Prize for her dedication and commitment to society. (, 19 Dec 2015)
Famous relatives
Her husband Xabier Extaniz has served as national coach of the Spanish canoe slalom team. (, 05 Jun 2015)
Other information
She continued paddling until she was eight months pregnant with her daughter Ane. "My idea was clear, I wanted to be a mother and continue being a high-level athlete. The later I stopped paddling, the easier it would be for me to regain my form." (, 05 Jun 2015)

With her bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, she became the first Spanish slalom paddler to win an Olympic medal. She also became the first Spanish slalom paddler to win a World Cup gold when she triumphed at the 2010 event in Seu d'Urgell, Spain. (, 18 Mar 2016;, 27 Jun 2010)

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She began paddling at age 12 in San Sebastian, Spain.
Why this sport?
She went to a summer course about canoeing. She liked it and the following year wanted to repeat. She was then encouraged to try slalom at the Atletico San Sebastian club.
Club / Team
Atletico San Sebastian: Spain
Name of coach
Xabier Etxaniz [husband, national]
Training Regime
She trains in La Seu d'Urgell, Spain.


Olympic GamesK1Brazil, Rio de Janeiro11 August 20162016Women98.651Latest resultBest result
Olympic GamesK1England, London2 August 20122012Women106.873Best result
Olympic GamesK1China, Beijing15 August 20082008Women253.3916
World ChampionshipsK1England, London19 September 20152015Women107.315Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamEngland, London19 September 20152015Women148.189Best result
World ChampionshipsK1United States, McHenry, MD21 September 20142014Women127.2719
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamUnited States, McHenry, MD21 September 20142014Women194.2512Best result
World ChampionshipsK1Slovakia, Bratislava10 September 20112011Women113.583Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovakia, Bratislava11 September 20112011Women147.247Best result
World ChampionshipsK1Slovenia, Tacen11 September 20102010Women123.7116
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovenia, Tacen11 September 20102010Women190.5210Best result
World ChampionshipsK1Spain, La Seu d'Urgell13 September 20092009Women107.962Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamSpain, La Seu d'Urgell12 September 20092009Women11Best result
World ChampionshipsK1Brazil, Foz do Iguaçu23 September 20072007Women112.8714
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamBrazil, Foz do Iguaçu21 September 20072007Women258.167Best result
World ChampionshipsK1Czech Republic, Prague6 August 20062006Women27
World ChampionshipsK1 TeamCzech Republic, Prague5 August 20062006Women472.4015
World ChampionshipsK1Germany, Augsburg25 July 20032003Women3:03.6447
World ChampionshipsK1France, Bourg-Saint-Maurice25 August 20022002Women32
European ChampionshipsK1Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš15 May 20162016Women112.746Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš15 May 20162016Women139.578Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsK1Germany, Markkleeberg31 May 20152015Women108.091Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamGermany, Markkleeberg31 May 20152015Women236.0410
European ChampionshipsK1Austria, Vienna1 June 20142014Women107.6218
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamAustria, Vienna1 June 20142014Women110.172Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Germany, Augsburg13 May 20122012Women19
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamGermany, Augsburg13 May 20122012Women130.084Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Spain, La Seu d'Urgell11 June 20112011Women107.525Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSpain, La Seu d'Urgell11 June 20112011Women10
European ChampionshipsK1Slovakia, Cunovo15 August 20102010Women158.107Best result
European ChampionshipsK1England, Nottingham30 May 20092009Women112.746Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamEngland, Nottingham30 May 20092009Women9Best result
European ChampionshipsK1Poland, Kraków10 May 20082008Women206.495Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamPoland, Kraków9 May 20082008Women287.264Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš15 June 20072007Women264.206Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamFrance, L'Argentière-la-Bessée30 June 20062006Women300.245Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamFYR Macedonia, Skopje4 June 20042004Women269.794Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 TeamSlovakia, Bratislava12 July 20022002Women299.079Best result
Pan American ChampionshipsK1Brazil, Foz do Iguaçu18 March 20072007Women225.129Best result
World CupK111 September 20162016Women16Latest result
World CupK116 August 20152015Women4Best result
World CupK117 August 20142014Women27
World CupK12 September 20122012Women9
World CupK114 August 20112011Women10
World CupK14 July 20102010Women12
World CupK13 August 20092009Women11
World CupK115 July 20072007Women22
World CupK111 June 20062006Women12
World CupK125 July 20042004Women29