2016 Canoe Sprint European Olympic Qualifier
Canoe Sprint Olympic Qualifier
18 - 19 May 2016
Duisburg, Germany
ICF Canoe Sprint Duisburg, Germany

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LIVE : Sprint European Olympic Qualifier

Event highlights

19 May 2016

Qualified Olympians

K2 M 200m
1. Karin Johansson/Sofia Paldanius (SWE) (Olympic Qualified)
2. Ana Roxana Lehaci / Viktoria Schwarz
3. Lani    Belcher/Angela Hannah(GBR)

K2 W  500m

1. Karin Johansson / Sofia Paldanius (SWE) (Olympic Qualified)
2. Ana Roxana Lehaci  / Viktoria Schwarz
3. Lani    Belcher / Angela Hannah(GBR)

19 May 2016

Olympic Qualification Quotas Per Continent

19 May 2016

Qualified Olympians

Qualification for the Olympic Games is provisional and for a national place. Athletes are still required to be nominated by their National Federation and subsequently ratified by their National Olympic Committee.  

K1 W 500m
1. Sabrina Hering (GER) 01:55.378  (Olympic Qualified)
2. Martina Kohlová (SVK) 01:55.677 (Olympic Qualified)
3. Yvonne Schuring (AUT) 01:56.864       

C1 M 1000m
1. Leonid Carp (ITA) 03:58.288 (Olympic Qualified)
2. Carlo Tacchici (BUL) 03:59.490 (Olympic Qualified)
3. Angel Kodinov (BUL) 04:01.069

K1 M 1000m
1. Bence Dombvári (HUN) 03:35.307  (Olympic Qualified)
2. Roman Anoshkin (RUS) 03:35.695 (Olympic Qualified)
3. Marcus Walz (ESP) 03:35.754

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