Team Info


Venue: Ada Ciganlija Regatta Course, Belgrade, Serbia

Dates: June 01-04, 2017

List of events:

Women: K1 5000, 1000, 500, 200m

C1 5000, 500, 200m 

K2 500, 200m

C2 500, 200m

K4 500m

Men: K1 5000, 1000, 500, 200m

C1 5000, 1000, 200m

K2 1000, 500m

C2 1000, 500m

K4 500m

Paracanoe: KL1, KL2, KL3 200m VL1, VL2, Vl3 200m

Provisional timetable

May 29, 2017 Access period begins

May 30, 2017  Self boat control

May 31, 2017 Self boat control

                    Team leaders meeting

                     ITO meeting

                     Opening Ceremony

June 01-04, 2017 All day competition

June 04, 2017 Closing Ceremony

June 05, 2017 Access period ends


All team are requested to use the ICF SDP online entry to submit Numerical and Nominal entries.

Use your username and password to enter the system. If you don’t have them yet or they just don’t seem to work, please contact

Preliminary entry, Hotel booking and Travel Info forms are available at our website

The deadlines are as follows:

Preliminary entry and Hotel booking February 15, 2017

Numerical entry May 02, 2017

Final travel info May 10, 2017

Nominal entry May 23, 2017

Participation fee / Accreditation fee is to be paid for the length of your team’s stay during the access period which starts on Monday May 29, 2017 and ends on Monday June 5, 2017.

Considering different categories as far as accommodation, the participation fees are as follows:

Category 1 (4* and 5* hotels)

single room 140 eur twin room 120 eur

Category 2 (4* hotels)

single room 130 eur twin room 110 eur

Category 3 (3* hotels)

single room 115 eur twin room 95 eur

Category 4 (3* hotels)

single room 95 eur twin room 80 eur

All above prices are on per person per day basis, full board (three meals per day). Lunch will be served at the Venue.

The Accommodation fee/Participation fee includes the following services:

  - Accommodation

- Three meals per day, lunch at the Regatta Course
- Bus transfer to and from Belgrade Airport, Bus or train station to accommodations.

- Shuttle bus service connecting the regatta course and the official hotels from the day of your arrival, according to timetable

- Accreditation fee
- Medical care at the course
- Security service at the course
- Fully comprehensive insurance of the event
- Access pass and parking for one trailer and one accredited vehicle (up to 3,5t)
- Mineral water during the competition days

Please keep in mind that because of limited availability of hotel rooms in various categories reservations will be accepted on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis which means your team will be redirected to a different category than initially requested if there is not enough space left in the required category.

The Organising Committee does not take responsibility for any extra service of the hotel, like mini-bar, telephone, parking, etc.; these costs are to be paid directly to the hotel.

In case your team would cause any damage to the rooms you are to pay for it on the spot or else our federation will send you the invoice for the cost of the damage afterward.

In case accommodation and catering are booked independently and NOT through the Organising Committee you are still required to pay the accreditation fee of 30 EUR per person per day from the day of your arrival which includes the following services:

- Accreditation fee
- Medical care at the course
- Security service at the course
- Fully comprehensive insurance of the event
- Access pass and parking for one trailer and one accredited vehicle (up to 3,5t

- Mineral water during the competition days

If you wish to arrange lunch at the Regatta course, the fee is 15 EUR/person/day. The Organising Committee can not be held responsible for the quality and price of individually reserved accommodation.

Payment and deadlines

February 28, 2017 – 30% to confirm the booking

March 13, 2017 – 40%

May 1, 2017 – 30%



IBAN: RS35355000320031469240

Account with institution: /100 936 5289 0000 VBUBRS22
Vojvodjanska Banka AD, Novi Sad, RS

The currency of the account is Euro so please make sure that your payment is in Euros. Please do not forget about the transaction fees. It is your responsibility to pay these extras when transferring money to our bank account.

The booking shall be provisional until the first installment has arrived to our bank account

hence the Organising Committee reserves the right to alter or cancel the reservation until 

that time. With the arrival of the first installment it shall be a confirmed reservation.


Cancellation dates

Should you cancel your booking, a charge will be made equivalent to any loss suffered by the Organising Committee, as itemized below. The amount of any cancellation fee will be calculated as a percent of the participation fee according to the following period of notice given:

until April 1, 2017 – no forfeit
April 1-May 1, 2017 – 50 % forfeit will be charged

After May 1, 2017 – 100 % forfeit will be charged

Boat transportation

Please contact Your Chamber of Commerce or Customs Office to obtain the accurate information regarding the documents necessary for boat transportation.

Boat rental

Please contact boat manufactures directly concerning the boat rental.


All official participants of the World Cup are strongly advised to take out a medical insurance policy in their respective countries.

Medical Care

The following medical services are available for all official participants of the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 3: doctor on duty, hospital and clinic assistance.

A medical center will operate at the regatta course with ambulance and first aid.
The costs above the regular first aid, ambulance services are to be covered by your medical insurance policy; the Organising Committee is not responsible to cover your expenses in connection with hospital treatment, dental treatment or any other medical treatment.


Before travelling to the Republic of Serbia, please check whether you need a visa

Visas have to be obtained before leaving your country, from the Serbian Embassy or Consulate well in advance to ensure all the procedures in due time.

General entry requirements

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