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ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom Balint Vekassy @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom C1M C2M

Olympic canoe slalom - canoe classes

John Gregory
30 July 2016

Today we examine the canoe classes. C1M is an excellent way of analysing canoe slalom. C2M is spectacular to watch as these big boats, with two paddlers, squeeze their way through narrow slalom gates on big whitewater. Here we look at the equipment, pros and cons and some top paddlers past and present.


C1M – Canadian Men’s Single 

C1M is pronounced see-one men, meaning a male athlete kneeling in a closed cockpit canoe with a single bladed paddle.

The C1 paddler kneels on pre-formed padded foam blocks inside the...Read more

ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom Balint Vekassy @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom

Spectators guide to the X-Park Deodoro whitewater centre

John Gregory
28 July 2016

The wonderful new Olympic venue in Deodoro further establishes canoe slalom in South America.

The World’s elite slalom paddlers first descended upon this new purpose built venue for the Olympic test event last November. International teams have been able to train on the course ahead of the Rio Olympics, which was also used as part of the selection process for the host Brazilian team.

The Deodoro course, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, is fed by 25 million litres of mildly chlorinated water. Interestingly, this was attracting 11,000 locals a day for a...Read more

ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom Balint Vekassy @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Canoe Slalom Qualification

John Gregory
27 July 2016

As one might expect the qualification for nations for the Rio Olympics was complex, to say the least. In simple terms, there were two principle 2015 qualification events, where nations could qualify places for boats, in respective classes. 

The nations qualified boat places through the 2015 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships which actually took place on the London Olympic course at Lee Valley as well as through the 2015 Pan American Championships. Other continental qualifiers followed later. Still...Read more