Paracanoe conference attracts world leaders in the sport

The second World Conference on Paracanoe in Sweden has drawn together the world’s key leaders and thinkers in the sport and is set to shine a light on this fast-growing Paralympic discipline.

The conference will hear first-hand about successful sport and recreation programs involving paracanoe athletes that are being run all over the world. The UK, USA, France, Japan, Poland, Italy and Sweden are just some of the countries which will showcase to the conference their outstanding activities.

ICF Paracanoe Chairman, John Edwards, said the conference will provide a valuable insight into the potential future development of the sport. He said it will beneficial for athletes, medical professionals, sport administrators, tourism bodies, just to name a few.

“Paracanoe is still a relatively young sport, and it is evolving all the time,” Edwards said.

“Technology is changing, new training techniques are being discovered, and every day we are learning more about how paracanoe can benefit rehabilitation, both physically and mentally.

“I think participants at this conference are going to hear some inspiring stories and ideas. We have broken the program into the three key areas of sport, medical rehabilitation and recreation, and we have world-class speakers in each field.”

Dr Anna Bjerkefors from the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences and the Swedish Sports Confederation, and Ulrica Lundstrom, senior lecturer on occupational therapy at Lulea University of Technology in Sweden, will provide conference participants with an insight into how paracanoe can benefit rehalitation.

Roza Banasik-Zaranska has been involved as a technical delegate with kayaking at the Special Olympics World Games since 2003, and was a member of the Polish national flatwater kayaking team between 1984 and 1988. Banasik-Zaranska will give conference delegates an insiders view of working at an event the size of a Special Olympics, and how canoeing can assist social inclusion.

Also certain to attract a big crowd will be Great Britain’s World paracanoe champion, Johnny Young, who will detail his personal experiences as an athlete, and how paracanoe has benefitted him.

The conference has been fortunate to attract two of the biggest names in canoe manufacturing, Nelo and Plastex, as gold sponsors. Both will be well represented during the event, displaying the latest boats and equipment.

The second World Conference on Paracanoe will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, between October 5-7. There is a discount for early bird registration before July 7. For more information, and to book your place at this important conference, go to the event website.