Canoe Slalom - Competition Management Tools

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 ICF forms for competition management

DocumentReview datePDF versionNeeded ?

ICF ranking Competition

World Championships / World Cup
Judges forms
Gate Judge Form (individual event - 8 boats per page) linkYES (or 3 boats per page)NO
Gate Judge Form (Individual event - 3 boats per page) linkYES (or 8 boats per page)NO
Gate Judge Form (team event) link YES if organised NO
Gate Judge Form (Back-up scorer) link Only if Black Box is usedYES
Change of Penality linkNot needed where Black Box is usedNO
Start Judge or Finish Judge
Equipment Control link YESYES
DisqualificationApril 2016link  YES YES
Team Leaders forms
EnquiryMay 2019 link YES YES
ProtestJune 2011 link YESYES
Appeal to the JuryApril 2016 link YES YES
Cash receiptApril 2011link  YESYES
Chief Judge Report
Chief Judge Report TemplateApril 2010linkYESYES

Other key documents to support the Competition Manager or Technical Organiser